10 food items you should stop eating one month before your wedding to look amazingly beautiful



Weddings can surely be overwhelming for a bride. Well, we see brides being sunken in wedding stress – they got to choose the flowers, the music, guest lists, and dresses for the bridesmaid and so on. Sometimes the little decisions involve huge drama. And with all the stress in their head, they forget to maintain a proper diet which of course is vital for a bride. You don’t want to be like walking down the aisle looking puffy now, do you?

Especially, after you put so much effort to get in shape for your big day, remember even the healthiest of the food can make you feel bloated. And do you know what you eat just doesn’t affect your belly but it also has a direct impact on your skin and hair? So, it is better to avoid certain food items and drinks before your wedding. Below is the list of the things you should certainly say no to if you don’t want to feel bloated at your wedding.



Wedding stress could easily lead you to stress eating. Fries, pizza, chocolate, and doughnuts may relieve your stress at the moment; but they are going to create a big problem for you later.  Since all the junk foods are fatty, they are also slow to digest which will make you tighter around the waist. These items can increase your blood sugar level, which could result in sugar cravings and could have a harmful effect on your energy level. But here are some Healthy Fast Foods that won’t make you fat.


Surprised to see beans on the list?? There is a reason why it is here. Been contains a type of sugar that our body cannot digest. When that sugar reaches the large intestine, bacteria try to elucidate it and this process forms gas in our system. It is better to go for high protein food like chicken or fish to keep your gas level down.


Lactose intolerance is one of the common food sensitivities around which results in bloating, gas and cramps. You may or may not be insensitive to the dairy products but let us not take a risk; after all, it is your big day. Try avoiding the dairy items a month before the wedding. But you can have a small serving of Greek yogurt as it helps in digesting the food efficiently.


Artificial sugar is hard to absorb for many resulting in discomfort and bloating. You may have switched your fake sugar for the real one, but you can find it in diet soda, sugar-free candy, etc. whether real or fake it is better to cut back on sweeteners before the wedding. It will make you feel much lighter and energized.


The salty food contains sodium and sodium cause you to retain water. You must absolutely avoid salty food products a month before you walk down the aisle. Your salt intake per day should be 2,300 mg or under that.


Gluten doesn’t affect everybody in a negative way, much like dairy items. But it could cause cramps, gas, and bloating. Let’s keep the odd on your side and avoid eating gluten a month before the wedding day. But keep sure to feed your body with fiber from other places.


Cold drinks, champagne, soda, avoid anything that has bubbles. The bubbles give that special fizz to the drink and to your body also. They release carbon dioxide which makes you feel gassy and bloated at the same time. These are one of the foods you should never eat.


We are not the one to advise you to cut down on nutritious vegetables but avoiding cruciferous vegetables are a good thing if you are aiming for a flat stomach. Cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, etc. has the same effect as the beans. They all have sugar that is elucidated by the bacteria leading in bloating and gas. Try to keep the intake to the minimum and eat the cooked instead of raw.


People who have tried one can be vouch for it when I say they will make you feel like a puffed marshmallow. That is defiantly not the aim you have to look in your white dress. It gives you gas and weakens your digestive system so cut down alcohol month leading to the wedding.


Many chewing gums contain bloat-inducing sugar alcohol, which results in the constant swallowing and not to forget the amount of air that goes straight into your stomach. Next time have a mint instead of chewing gum when you feel like you need a fresh breath.

It is your wedding day, and you need to look at your best and more importantly feel your best.Here are some anti-ageing foods will make you look young forever! Make a little effort and cut down all your unhealthy habits and avoid certain foods that could make you uncomfortable. Switch to a healthy diet that is not just good for your belly but also for your skin and hair.

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