Girls tend to be a bit more conscious about their looks, body and many other things that concern them. However, due to this, there are times when they start feeling depressed or a bit reluctant to connect with the world. It is the time when they require someone by their side who would appreciate them for all the good things about them. Being her boyfriend, you should try to boost your girl’s self-esteem and make her smile. Below mentioned are some of the tips which might be helpful in making your girlfriend feel good about herself.


1. Start By Making Her Feel Special

Behave as if it is your anniversary or it is your beloved’s birthday. Shower her with gifts or send her some cute little messages explaining how much you love her and how important she is to you. Things could even get better in case you take her out to her favourite eating joint and spend the day talking to her. If she likes to doll up, then you can gift a complete makeup set to surprise her.

2. Appreciate Her as much as you can

During the times when she is feeling low, then the best thing you can do is make her realize how beautiful she is and what are the qualities of her that actually make her special to you. Also, don’t get too involved with her looks and instead try appreciating her as an individual. Appreciate her intelligence, appreciate her nature, and make her feel like a perfect girl on the Earth. Also, don’t hesitate to go a little cheesy as girls also do like boys appreciating her in the best way possible. Here is a sweet way to remind her of how much you care about her.

3. Be Patient and In control

This is something that is very important. You might see all your efforts of cheering her up going to waste and you may start feeling a bit irritated. However, you need to calm yourselves down and realize that this is the time when she actually needs a shoulder to lean on. Here are some Sweet ways to apologise to a girl. Therefore screaming or being angry with her might add more to her misery and she may think that she isn’t good enough for you too.

4. Be Your Original Self Around Her

Yes, this is something that makes a girl feel comfortable and happy. She begins to see that you trust her and love her and would be with her in any circumstances. She begins to feel that you are the one to whom she could actually open up to, and you won’t be judging her behaviour.

5. Don’t let her overthink or think negatively

Girls sometimes start thinking negatively or thinking too much which brings down their self-esteem. You ought to make her realize that she isn’t doing justice to herself, and she should stop thinking negatively about her. You ought to become the guide who would direct all her energy in a positive way. Try contradicting her negative statements and don’t let those little compliments, as well as warm hugs, stop while you two are talking.

6. Spend A Day Doing Things That She Likes

This would indeed boost up her mood. Start by thinking about something that she absolutely loves and spends the entire day doing things she loves in decreasing order of her interest. She would appreciate the gesture of you doing things that she loves, and you care about bringing a smile to her face. This would make her feel like the luckiest girl on the Earth and hence it would automatically boost her self-confidence. End the day with a cute present such as this piece of jewellery she would adore.

7. Stay With Her

During the time when she is feeling low, be with her and listen to what she has to say. Become the shoulder that she can cry on and hug her at times when she is feeling very low. Cancel plans in front of her just to be with her so that she would feel important. Show her that she is the best thing that happened to you and hence you won’t let this little treasure get away from you so easily.

8. Try Distracting Her

In case you are getting a feeling that things are turning too much in the wrong direction then you ought to try and change the path your beloved is following. Try cheering her up, try taking her to her favorite restaurant, go to an activity such as bungee jumping or something thrilling which would put her mind off all this negativity. If you plan to stay at home, you could play games specially made for the two of you.

9. Become a Little Creative

You can try various ways to cheer her up such as preparing a list of things that you love about her. On her bad day give her the list and let her know how important she is to you and how much you love her. Here are some BEST GIFTS FOR GIRLFRIEND that she will adore. Try including some funny moments in the list which would make her smile. Also, presenting this list in the most surprising manner would actually have a greater impact. A makeup kit is one of the perfect gifts for your girl, so it is an option that you should consider.

10. Don’t Trash Talk About any other girl

Never pass on a judgemental comment on other girls as then your girlfriend would think that it is pretty common for people passing on these comments, and this would again pull her into the deep well of negativity. Don’t ever compare your girlfriend to any other women on the face of this Earth. Try to be respectful of her at all times and don’t miss a single chance of showing how much you love that girl.

So, the next time your girlfriend is having a bit of a downfall try encouraging her and lifting her self-esteem to whole new levels.

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