How Does a Good Web Design Affect Your Site’s SEO?




Recently, there has been a lot of hype about SEO and if you make some online search, you’ll see different people and experts telling you different techniques to make your SEO game stronger. SEO is quite complicated and if you really want to learn the tiny bit details of it, then, you need to visit and search sites like Digitrio.

One common thing that you’ll read everywhere is experts telling you to improve your web design repeatedly as a good web design can help you a lot with your SEO. Now, if you are someone new to the technique of search engine optimization, web development, and designing etc then we do understand that you won’t be able to pick the concepts easily which is why today we are here to explain to you how your web design affects SEO.

If you are new to SEO, just study this infographic named SEO explained in simple terms designed by Digitrio.

Simple Explanation on What is SEO

Courtesy of: Digitrio

Role Of Web Design

Let’s clear one thing out, SEO begins with the design of your website. There are several factors that affect your SEO but the first and foremost thing that you need to take notice of is your web design. It should be mobile friendly, the keywords must be used properly and above everything, your web design must be in accordance with the Google’s algorithm if you really want to come on the top of the search engine rankings. So, before getting into the content or the relevancy of keywords, make sure that your web design speaks for your business at it’s best.


The use of images on your site says a lot about your business and your web design too. If you really want your web design to help you with the SEO then you need to organize and optimize your images. Again, you have to make sure that the images are visually attractive, well organized and above everything they should be relevant to your site.


The first thing that users notice when they visit a website is the design and if your design fails to impress the users then they quickly exit it. It’s pretty simple to understand that no one likes slow and outdated stuff especially if it’s a website, people usually like the ones that are responsive and visually attractive. Call it human nature or the demand of the users, you just have to make sure that your web design isn’t boring or else the bounce rate of your site will increase to a higher level which obviously will have a negative impact on your SEO.


If you really want your brand to stand out and if you want it to be a distinct brand then you need to invest in your web design and make sure that it reflects your objectives of distinction. Moreover, if your site features consistency then we assure you that you will be more identifiable and your credibility will be increased too. Also, know that the position of your content adds a lot to your web design to make sure that you have strategically placed it in a way that it looks more appealing and attractive.

We hope you now understand how the design of your site can affect your SEO. Lastly, know that the more complex and difficult your site will be, the more unpleasant it will seem to your users. So, always go for an easy and simple web design that not only looks appealing to the eyes, in fact, it must be easy to understand too.  

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