Lesson 3 – Explore Keyword for SEO



Keywords! What are those? One you start making your website, you’ll certainly want to optimize it and for doing that you would surely have heard of keywords and how necessary and essential they are to the SEO procedure. One might even think that they are hyped and aren’t important for SEO as many feel they might be. That’s not what they are meant for. Keywords are crucial and much needed for SEO as that’s what they are for and if you don’t know how to use it as your weapon, you wouldn’t be able to optimize your website correctly. Now in this lesson you would learn about keywords along with its correct exploration so you would actually reduce variation and hit the system on target: Taguchi Method as most of the engineer would say- A robust web design


What are Keywords?

Keywords are words that are vital pieces of information to the search engine spiders. These words catch the attention of the search engine spider to pay attention to your site content. For Example, if you once read an article on what is SEO? And Everytime you see this keyphrase (group of keywords strung together), it reminds you about the article. The same happens with the search engine spiders. Once it spots keywords in the content on the site, it remembers it and whenever someone searches similar keywords it retrieves and lists the site onto its search engine. Everytime a keyword is found it reports it to the search engine and greater the number of reports higher is your site’s ranking.

Why Do I Need Keywords?

You must now have known the necessity of using keywords for your website: they help in getting your website ranked higher in search engine. Keywords are the most vital and fundamental part of Search Engine Optimization. Without keywords there wouldn’t be any search engine optimization. If you would like to make a site which is search engine optimized, you must add in keywords to it.

How Do I Select Keywords?

Well selecting keyword isn’t a complicated task. It basically is very easy, provided you know how to do it. We will see here how it is done.

To start with you should be clear about your site. What is your website about? (Your Niche) Why are you making the website? (Your Purpose) Who do want to visit your website? (Your target). Once you have the answers to these questions you’ll be on your way to a highway road.

When you know what your website is about, you can easily find out what keywords to use. Suppose you are having a website on camera, you would definitely want to choose keyword related to your chosen niche. For example you might use key phrase such as “Nikon digital cameras”, “Kodak digital camera”, etc. The point here is to try and get yourself a good niche and choose keywords based on it. One might also keep a check on Google and see which keywords are widely used and which aren’t.

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What you should do is to create a list of around 7-8 keywords relevant to your website, based on your research. Now choose one keyword for each page of content. The idea is to use the keyword or keyphrases in the content of the page. Using different keywords or keyphrases will broaden your website’s theme and would inhibit keyword stuffing. This way you could improve your website’s rank by using different key words for different pages.


Writing the Content

When the times come to hit a home run, you might want to run to SEO specialist. What I mean is when the time comes to write a post people end up either hiring someone or they do it themselves. Mostly people prefer going over to a freelance SEO writer for their contents which is very expensive but easy. The other way is too time consuming but the capability to deliver is multi-fold. By writing it on your own you don’t have to worry about the number of keyword you want to put, how you want the content to be, and project yourself to the audience reading it. You get to maintain the standards you want.

But there a few tricks to writing good quality and optimized content. For that you might want to check out our pervious lessons. One must have the correct keyword density to catch the attention of the search engine spider. You might have read our Lesson 1; keyword density is the ratio of number of keywords to the total number of words. For instance you use- 30 keywords per 1000 words; your keyword density is then 3%, which is good for starters. However keyword density should not exceed some limits, we would suggest a range between 3% – 5% would be sufficient.

In order to keep the density at required level you might need to sprinkle few bunch (pinch) of keywords (salt) into your content (food). It is simply adding taste to your page.

Lesson 3 Wrap it up:

Here in this lesson you have learned almost everything you should know about keywords and the basic fundamental or principles of using keyword for SEO of your website. Click here to read the previous lesson


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