How to Increase the Page rank of a Website



How to increase the page rank of a website-   is something that’s keeps webmasters busy and worked up. They sit long hours thinking about increasing their page rank fast and efficiently. This is a challenge that they have to face and pay a huge price to gain that page tag.

Google measures the authenticity or the most popular website on a scale from 1 to 10, also known as page rank, where 10 implies most trusted and 1 is the least popular one.

Google awards the page rank to a website based on the total aggregate vote of all inbound links to it. If you want to know how to increase the page rank of your website then you should follow the tips given below.

Quality page rank is what one should be aiming for, which also forms basis of Google page rank. Also keep a check that it should be ~~ quality backlinks from good and popular websites.


Increase the Page Rank of your Website by Getting Backlinks

1.     Blog commenting: Getting backlinks by commenting on blog posts of “DoFollow” blogs is an effective and fast way of increasing Google page rank. Obtain and analyze around 3-4 rival websites of your niche and leave constructive comments using proper keywords. OpenSiteExpplorer for DoFollow blogs is good for commenting. People have attained a very good Google page rank by following this easy method.

2.     Directory listing: Having your profile hyperlinked with the website or blog of your own on a known and reputed directory passes helps increasing the page rank. Such profile linkups with at least 15 to 20 directories improves the page rank significantly.

3.     Social media Profile: They also give “DoFollow” links that help to boost Google page rank fast. Have at least 8 to 10 social media sites within your reach, even though you use only few of them.

4.     Guest blogging: One of the most strenuous and quite a slow method to increase your page rank. In most cases your post might be rejected by the publishing blog, but adding few blog post to your bag might add some spice to your strategy

Increase the Page Rank by means of NoFollow Attribute

5.     Use NoFollow attribute carefully: Google always checks for objective of the website builder. Using the NoFollow attribute throughout the site is silliness. It’s a misunderstanding among Webster that implementing NoFollow attribute within the entire site helps to improve the Google Page Rank and preserve the link juice. In fact it should be used rarely, site wide. If you wish to run through SEO, which should be unending, then this is your cup of tea. This is one feature whose algorithm that Google is going to change in the near future because if all webmasters follow this attribute, then how this page rank/WWW will work.

6.     Make your comment section NoFollow: Almost all blog have NoFollow attribute for their comment section by default. One should double check for this. By using this method you can prevent spam and preserve your Page rank

Increase the Page Rank by Special Methods


7.     Special backlinks: Try to get backlinks from Wikipedia but it’s quite difficult to get one from them. Link from sites like Wikipedia, .Gov and .Edu are considered as a great asset for the website and if you are lucky you might get one too.

8.     Internal linking structure: This is a very good way that you should leverage to increase your Page rank fast. It shows how well are your blog posts linked? Apart from this choose your anchor text to link to an internal post carefully since anchor text matters, even in internal hyper-linking.

9.     Be Popular in your niche: If you have blog and the niche you work on is popular then it might trigger your page onto the Google searches. SO be popular in your niche and how will you do it~~ by commenting on blogs or guest post writing/publishing.

Increase Page Rank by Other Methods

10. Clean coding and site structure: Keep a check on your website for coding error. Your site or blog must be W3 compatible. Navigation and sitemaps are important too.

11. Page loading speed: Sites which loads faster is better from SEO point of view and also for improving Page Rank.

12. Domain age: Domain age includes both past and future age of your website. If you recently started your website consider keeping the domain for at least for few years. Younger domains are considered as spammy. If your domain is quite old, then you inevitably qualify for a Google Page Rank

13. Dedicated IP address: Always go for a dedicated IP address for your domain. Unwanted activity of a single webmaster from an IP address may cause a ban or restriction for all the other domains registered with the same IP address

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Don’ts to Increase Page Rank

14. No spammy outbound links: Never link your website to an untrustworthy or spammy site. This technique always helps to maintain your page rank.

15. Don’t use abusive/P0rn words: Always take good care, avoiding abusive words or adult related words. Google is extremely strict in this regard and it might consider your website as an adult website, even while posting humorous or meaningful post.

16. Don’t make multiple sub-domains: Avoid making multiple sub-domains, since Google feels it to be spammy (to have a number of sub-domains). Not more than 4 05 5 in any circumstances.

17. Don’t involve in link-scheme: Google never likes paid links. So never buy links from site.

18. Don’t watch P0rn while you are signed in with your Google A/C: Google keeps a close track at what you are doing and it’s quite possible that it might know more than your boyfriend or your girlfriend. And Google never wants a P0rn addict to be a blogging star.

If you have something to contribute to this list – how to increase the page rank of your website, then add your comments below.

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