Lesson 4 — Title and Meta Tags Formation



One of the major steps in making an awesome website is Search Engine Optimization. Web designers now have understood that in order to create a successful website one should ensure that their website is search engine optimized. SEO is not an outspoken topic of discussion in the world and webmasters definitely need few lessons to make certain that they are using the right SEO codes. In this lesson you would come around one of the most fundamental yet important principles of SEO: Title and META tags formation.

To start with the lesson we should ask this question: What are META tags?

META tags are basically identifiers or codes that define or label your website for the search engine spider to be able to crawl and find your website over the internet. They earlier played role in factorizing the website ranking feature of search engines, but this no longer happens anymore. META tags just helps in describing your website to the search engine spiders and tell them what your site is about. META tags now are responsible for what kind of picture your website must portray on the search engine. As mentioned before META tags play no role in ranking your website and hence it really doesn’t matter how many keywords you put into your META tag description.

What are Title tags?

Title Tags are those identifiers that happen to play a role in the search engine rankings. Generally it is located at the top left of a web page, comprising of name of the site and probably a brief and apt description about your website. The format of a Title Tag would be “Website’s name – Brief and Apt description of your site”. The Title Tag is actually significant just for the reason of people as well as the search engine spiders noticing it when they visit or come looking for your website.

Whenever someone looks at the search engine listing the first thing he would notice is the website’s Title Tag which so happens to be the Title of the search engine listing. So it is necessary to have or for that matter to create a Title tag that is SEO and user friendly.

Now if you want to use a keyword in your website’s Title Tag, it actually appears to be a good idea but only when your keyword suits your website’s theme or the title. It shouldn’t feel left out. Suppose you have a website that has content on guitars, an appropriate Title Tag might be “guitars.com – House of Acoustic Guitars”. This is ofcourse a good title Tag since it includes an apt keyword (acoustic guitars).Here if you would have had a Title Tag as “guitars.com – House of Guitars, Piano, Drums”, it would have been irrelevant since you are using two unnecessary words. Always ensure your Title Tag is user friendly i.e. it is easily visible and readable by the visitors. Besides they generally wouldn’t like reading a mis—oriented and haphazard Title Tag.

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What is the HTML Coding for META Tags?

You now would want to know you’re the HTML code for inserting or say activating META tags. Even if you use Dreamweaver or say another editor you would require knowing this code. It’s quite easy and simple and it wouldn’t be heard to learn it by heart.

<meta name=”description” content=”Website’s description “>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Your Keywords”>
<meta name=”author” content=”Your name”>
<meta charset=”UTF-8″>

You now must have gathered that META tags is not as important as it used to be once since web designers now use it to keep a check on the keywords they use on their website. The META Tags with the keywords will be looked over by the search engine spiders and they won’t play any role in the search engine rankings.

Here if you use Robot Meta Tags, it would be useful since it would direct the search engine spiders what to do with the website. You can now use any of the tags as per your wish. An alternate would be to usage of robot.txt settings.


What is the HTML Coding for Title Tags?

</p> <p>A Typical <Title> Tag:</p> <p><TITLE>Name of the site – Brief and apt Description

A HTML document has just one title tag and it is placed within the codes Title. The Title Tag is generally placed below the code Head.
This was an easy thing to memorize and very basic information. Title tag has to be used whoever you create a webpage. No Title page would land you into a fix – and wrong HTML coding, in addition to an unranked website.

Lesson 4 Wrap It Up:

Here in this Lesson you have learned about META and Title tag formation. You now have in depth knowledge of the two topics mentioned above. What are you waiting for? Go get it on your website. Good luck, Cheers with your META Tags!!

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