5 Important Skills For Content Marketing Copywriters Today

Skills For Content Marketing Copywriters

Skills For Content Marketing Copywriters

Marketing has gone through a change, and content marketing, particularly, is not quite the same as it once was. Consumers are no longer entertained, or persuaded by general appeal content. They are looking for niche content that specifically fits their particular situation.

This means that content marketing is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ market, and copywriters are not just anyone who happens to have a computer with some typing skills. There are many skills that a copywriter needs, but there are five that are the most important. These five skills make the difference between average content, and content that fulfills its purpose, whether it’s to inform the reader, persuade them, entertain them or inspire them.

It seems pretty obvious that a copywriter should have writing skills. Punctuation, grammar and spelling are part of this, but as well a good copywriter should have other skills as well. They should beable to choose the right word for the right sentence. The end result of the work of a good copywriter should be easy to read, have a good flow with appropriate introduction and conclusion. They can take a complex issue or topic and write so that everyone can understand it.

Skills For Content Marketing Copywriters

They will also be able to write a compelling headline. Annabel Marino, a copywriter at A plus Digital states that the headline is really important. Readers will read the headline first, and this is what makes them decide if they want to read the whole article or not.

A good copywriter will have a basic understanding of SEO, but the focus should be more on user experience. A good copywriter will understand the the reader will be accessing the content on many different devices, and the requirements for each might be a little different. They should also understand that readers enjoy content that has been written for the reader and not the search engine. Having said that, they should understand how SERPS are ranked, and use SEO in a natural way, while keeping the reader in mind.

Experience in the niche is a bonus. While a good general copywriter might be able to write incredible copy, it’s more likely that a copywriter with experience in that particular niche would be more suited. A copywriter who specializes in the niche is more likely to be able to write in depth, detailed, accurate copy than a general copywriter.

A good copywriter will always be aware that while they are a writer, they are also involved with marketing. The copy would be part of a marketing plan and a good copywriter will be aware that content is their main skill set, they should be familiar with some of the other aspects as well. A copywriter with an understanding of marketing will be able to write more compelling copy that follows the marketing strategy.

In essence, a good copywriter is so much more than a good writer. Their work can have a huge influence on readers, and as such they are always willing to hone their skills, edit their work, and create relevant, useful, meaningful and accurate content. As the digital age evolves, content marketing evolves with it. The expectations of the consumer has evolved. A good copywriter will understand those changes, and create content that meets those expectations.

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