Have a problem of forgetting everything just before exams? These tips will help you out!

Have a problem of forgetting everything just before exams

Have a problem of forgetting everything just before exams

Exams do scare anybody. Those 1-3 hours of mental torture, which test your mind surely do put a huge amount of pressure on your brain, and it is common for students to snap during exams, and hence forget what they learnt.

While the concept of cramming has proved to be quite unsuccessful during an examination, it is what most people do, provided they believe in last minute studying. But there are a few who follow a dedicated study pattern however during exam days do tend to score less than the crammers of the class. So, does this mean cramming is better? Certainly not. It is simply that the ones who are following a set pattern aren’t able to utilize their complete memory and are facing retention issues. So how do you improve your memory so as to remember everything you studied?

Read the few tips given below which will increase your memory retention capacity and hence allow you to score better.


1. Understand What You Study

Do not simply read concepts as if you are trying to finish a novel or are in a hurry to switch to next subject or topic. Hours spent on reading the concepts won’t be enough to score good grades. You ought to understand what you read. There is no need to spend hours sitting with a book and finishing everything at once, instead make a time schedule. Create A Study Plan And Follow. Dedicate an only half hour to a particular subject or topic, however, do ensure that whatever you read stays with you and you have understood the author’s concept or what is he trying to convey.

2. Go Slow and Steady

Human mind has a capacity of its own, and excessive filling may result in overflow and hence the concept which you learnt till date may also be washed away. Therefore, make it a point to study on a regular basis with frequent breaks to calm your mind and store the information comfortably in your brain. Do not try and cram everything at once, instead make it a point to take 10-15 minutes of break after every 90 minutes of study. Utilize this technique to see the effectiveness it does offer.

3. Make Your Own Memory Palace

For the ardent Sherlock fans, this concept may not be new. However, this fictional story does have a great technique which will help you remember everything during exams. Try to relate the information with one another and store it in the form of maps in your memory. Start building maps of information and at each street store the important information in the form of a house of buildings. So when faced with a question, do go back down this memory lane and visit the houses where the answer to them is hidden or stored. This way one house will lead you to another, and in the end, you will have the complete answer to the question being asked. Add new houses of information on this memory map at the appropriate location and remove the houses which are not required.

4. Do not Procrastinate

Try to get away from things which do hamper your set study pattern. You need to sit and study with a focused mind in order to make most out of your study sessions. Numerous necessary evils such as smartphones, laptops and televisions should be kept away once you sit down to study. You should Regulate the timing of gadget use. Also, do make sure to have your mind in total control as you study instead of allowing it to wander here and there thinking about something else.

5. Read and write will get you all the way

This might be shunned as something funny by students, however, reading your notes aloud will help you remember them better. This way your mind will be fully concentrated on the matter you read and won’t be wandering thinking something else. Once you think you have learnt enough, write and practice your skills and make notes of important points as they appear in your chapter during the reading phase. Writing and practicing has proven to be one of the most successful approaches to remembering information as well as presenting the same effectively during exams.

So, there is no more need to be scared of those exams you face. Be confident, get enough sleep and give your best in the tests you face.

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