Hangover?  Treat it with these simple yet effective ways


Hello, young birds are you facing problems to treat your hangover don’t worry I have some useful ways to deal with it. Last night you must be busy with your friends and was not able to take precautions. So today you are not well, suffering from a headache, dry mouth and not able to think or function properly. It is not worth to waste your entire day feeling sick when you have several options to deal with it. Instead of using different hangover medicines which are not good for your health try to use some natural and quick cures to get rid of your hangover.

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    Drink coffee to cure the hangover


Coffee is the easiest and quick way to cure a hangover. Take two cups of coffee after hangover night is more than enough to cure a headache. It acts as a vasoconstrictor, which indicates that it lessens the swelling of your blood vessels due to which a headache is caused.

  1. Eat bananas to cure Hangover


Bananas have always been proved best for health. It is important to eat proper food when you are not well, and banana is the best fruit to deal hangover. Banana is an excellent source of potassium, which a person loses when they drink a lot of alcohol. To regain energy it is best.

  1. Do exercise to cure a hangover


Exercise is the best way to heal your body and feel better.   Exercise releases endorphins which will help to improve your mood and the more your calories will burn the more you will feel better.

  1. Drink water to cure the hangover


Drinking plenty of water is always good for health, and it is the best way to cure hangover as well. As soon as, you come from a party drink as much water as you can as it will rehydrate your body. People face hangover because their body gets dehydrated after drinking alcohol beyond limits. You can avoid the hangover by not drinking alcohol or if you can’t do this then drink plenty of water next morning.

  1. Eat ginger to cure the hangover


Another easy way to cure hangover eats ginger. Since ages ginger has been used to cure vomiting and nausea. Even various researches have proved that ginger before drinking reduces the level of vomiting and nausea. Moreover, it will not spoil your next day and will keep you mentally stable.

  1. Take a long nap to cure the hangover


Sleep is the cure for all types of illness whether it is big or small it is essential for our good health. You want to get rid of your hangover take a long nap next day as it will help you to heal your body.

  1. Take sports drinks to cure the hangover


You must not have heard it earlier, but it is true that sports drinks cure hangover it’s not natural, but it will help you to rehydrate. A sports drink contains sodium and electrolytes that a person’s body requires to rehydrate their body after drinking whole night.

  1. A Proper meal to cure the hangover


After hangover, it is important to take an appropriate and healthy meal.  Fast foods are easy and cheapest to get, but it is not best for your health at least after hangover try to avoid it. A balanced diet helps to get back all the necessary nutrients which you lost the last night.

  1. Eat kiwi to cure the hangover


Kiwi is another good way to deal with the hangover. Next morning after hangover night eat Kiwi as it is a rich source of potassium and helps you to regain the minerals which you lost last night.


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