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Every stage of human life brings with it new adventures and scope for improvements. But, childhood is the time when you make mistakes, learn from them and then win the battle of life. The childhood constitutes the formative years of a person’s life. This is the time whent the children develop healthy habits. That’s why parents consider this time very crucial because their brains start to grow, they develop certain tendencies to do specific activities and instill a sense of competence in life.

So, this is a testing time for parents to use their excellent parenting skills to turn their buds into smiling blossoms. Children are like wet soil, how you shape the soil decides the form that it will take after drying up. So, parents need to make a concrete foundation in order to get a better tomorrow for their children. There are some guidelines that parents can follow to give a prosperous childhood to their children that they always strive for.

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    Be a friend to your children

Be a friend to your children

The parents become friends to their children when they get involved with them. This is simply done by breaking the communication difference between the two. Arguments and disagreements are a part and parcel of life. Obviously, when people of two different age groups and opinions come into the discussion, there will be conflicts.

These clashes can’t be erased entirely, but they can be minimized. Parents should always listen to the wishes of their children and fulfill the ones that are affordable.  The children must be given the freedom to express their views and parents should never oppress their opinions. The parents should develop such an atmosphere that the children never hesitate to share their secrets with them. The parents are more than friends, they are caretakers, they are God in human form on this planet.

2. Regulate the timing of gadget use

Regulate the timing of gadget use

This is the reign of techno- freaks. So, the children have become couch potatoes due to their extreme exposure to gadgets like smartphones, video games (Play Station), T.V, etc. Their eyes freeze on the screen of these gadgets. Their lifestyle is confined within the four walls of the house. Especially, the craze of social networking sites has made them stationary.

It calls for the high need of parents to check how much time their children are spending on these devices. They have to maintain a check and balance system to ensure that the kids are not getting into any cyber trouble. It is essential for their proper growth because the radiations from these gadgets affect their eyesight. That is why kids are seen wearing glasses at such an early age.

3. Eating habits

Eating habits

It goes without saying that a healthy diet would lead to healthy living. Consumption of fruits, salads, and leafy vegetables is a must. The kids should also be given an adequate amount of beverages like energy drinks and juices. The food items enriched in carbohydrates, roughage, and proteins have a positive impact on their health. Liquid content should be high because it helps to enhance the flow of fluids in the body.

Also, parents must take their children for regular health and dental check-up. In case any disorder of abnormality occurs due to the deficiency of vitamins in the body, at least they get to know this on time. Especially the adolescence age is the period when the human body undergoes drastic changes, so hormonal changes need to be stabilized by intake of a proper diet.

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4. Motivate your child

Motivate your child

Childhood is a tender age where children might feel highly enthusiastic or lose confidence in just an instant. So, it is important that parents encourage them to keep on trying till they succeed. The kids need to be given motivation by rewarding them for small achievements. In this manner, the children will develop commitment and perseverance which are the keys to success in life.

  1. Plan an outing with the family –

Plan an outing with the family

In the busy schooling schedule, some refreshment is required for the children to release the stress. Vacation trips and outings on the weekend act as great stress busters. The children feel bored of following the same course of life – going to school and then returning, having food and then sleeping. So, they deserve a treat. Going for a picnic and spending time with family helps to rejoice the kids and value the quality time.

  1. Inculcate values in them –

Inculcate values in them

This is a vital task that every parent must do. The children develop certain characteristics based on the teachings of the family. So, the moral values like respecting elders, helping others and hard work, etc. should be deeply rooted in the minds of the children. The character and attitude of a person are crafted on these values which need to be strong and helpful for the nourishment of the children. Parents dream that their child should become Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, But, remember, he should first become HUMAN.

  1. Spread positivity around your children

Spread positivity around your children

When a child is born, he/she is acquainted with the love and affection existing in this world. It is significant to create a positive ambiance for the kids so that they don’t choose the wrong path and destroy their future.

  1. Be realistic –

Be realistic

It is important to build positivity around the kids, but it is equally important to prepare them for confronting the future atrocities that life offers. At this very age, the parents have to develop competitive spirit in their children, so that they are determined to face the trial and tribulation of life.

  1. Encourage physical activities

Encourage physical activities

Sitting inside the house throughout the day would hamper the physical growth of the children, so parents should encourage them to play outdoor games and live out the life to the fullest. In fact, the parents should spare some time from their busy schedule to play along with the children to make them feel exquisite.

  1. Liberty with restrictions. –

Liberty with restrictions

Don’t be typical parents who would yell at children for no reason. Just give your children the space that they need, then only they will be able to realize that you are different from other parents. Every person needs his own space, even if he is a teenager. When you tie your children with shackles, then their wings are just cut—off, and their dreams are shattered. In other words, when the children are not allowed to hang out with their friends or attend parties or go out of the station for better job opportunities, then they are likely to develop a habit of arguing with parents.

This happens because those restrictions create a wall of a generation gap between the parents and children. Trust your children but keep an eye too. So, liberty needs to be given, but in a proper manner. What if the children start to smoke at an early age? Then, definitely, the parents will have to interfere in the matter to prevent the situation from worsening.

The above-mentioned points are just for reference; nobody can tell you how to become good parents and in fact, there is no such term as idealistic parenting. With time, you eventually grow up to become responsible parents and witness the progress of your children in front of your eyes. It is said that children are a reflection of their parents, not just by their facial features, but by values and virtues that the parents preach them. Childhood is the best of our lives. We play, we study, and we conquer.

But what we always forget to do one thing i.e. to give back what you owe to your parents. The reason why parents fear that their children might leave them in future is that their children never realize their pivotal role in their lives.

These habits are just taught by parents and teachers, but the task of turning them into perpetual acts of life lies in the hands of the children. When a child gets indulged in any anti-social activity, then it is the parents who are held responsible for it. So, the dignity of the parents is determined by the success of the children. Children are very fragile, and they are moldable in their young age, so parents can create healthy memories of their childhood if they are raised in a proper manner.

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