Pimples on the lip- Causes and Treatments



Pimples can be anywhere on your face. There are chances that you might have pimples on the lip. It is very painful to touch and sometimes it will also burn. It can be quite painful as they are always mistaken as cold sores. Pimples have a blackhead or a whitehead on it. Here are some Effective Home Remedies for Pimples on Chin.The teenagers who suffer from acne are likely to have a pimple on the lip. Like acne can occur anywhere in the body there is always treatments and precautions for all of them. Here is a list of causes and treatments for pimples on lips.



Using cheap products

Cheap quality lip products like lip balm or lipstick can cause pimples on lip. These cheap products have chemical components in them which can easily penetrate the skin and cause damage. The chemical ingredients in these products can also cause bacterial infection which in return causes pimples on the lip. So, it is suggested never to compromise with the lip care products.


One of the reasons for having pimples on the lip is an allergy. You can be allergic to some product or over usage of any cosmetic. If you are allergic to any product, you have to stop using it often or else the acne can create a major problem as it will start becoming painful.

Hormonal changes

After a particular age, you go through some hormonal changes which is also one of the reasons for pimples on the lip. It mostly happens during the puberty or pregnancy. This a natural cause.

Oily skin

As we all know, oily skin is more prone to pimples. If you avoid eating fast foods or foods with too many fats, you can get rid of oily skin and Cure acne at the same time. If you work out in the hot sun and your skin is covered with sweat, don’t let it dry on your face and wash it immediately to prevent pimples anywhere.


Do you know about the another cause for pimples on the lip? Pimples on the lip can occur after getting lip waxing done. Though it is done above the lip but it can cause acne on the lip. Getting your upper lip remove for the first time can also cause pimples with whiteheads.



Ice helps in reducing the swelling caused by a pimple on the lip. It also constricts the oil glands in your skin and stops the flow of excess oil and bacteria. Wrap and ice cube in a cloth and then rest it on your skin for a few seconds and remove it. Repeat this for a number of times. You can also do this twice a day to get rid of a pimple.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the most affecting treatments for pimples. It contains citric acid which helps in eliminating the cause of a pimple. It also has astringent properties which constrict excess oil from the skin. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the lemon juice and apply it on the pimple on your lip.

Be careful about your lip makeup

As we know that lip care products can also be one of the causes of pimples on the lip. So be more careful about choosing your lip products. Choose lipsticks which have fewer pigments in it and whose ingredients are good for your lips. Quality does matter. So be particular about the quality of your lip care products.


Steam is also an effective treatment for pimples on lip. Steam opens up your pores and allows the bacteria to flow out. Steam will also prevent further pimples on lip. Expose a pimple to heat for at least 20 minutes.

Drink plenty of water

It is one of the simplest treatment for pimples on the lip. Drinking plenty of water allows to flush out all the bacterias and also benefits the skin in many ways. Taking care of the skin is important. Drinking plenty of water will result in the quick disappearance of pimples from the lip.

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