Hey Girls! Here are 10 tips to maintain healthy skin for you these Summers!



If you are a young girl, you would love to look your best whenever you go out with your friends or family. This is the age where you might be battling with acne and rough skin, and you must be wishing for a beautiful, flawless skin. No doubt, every girl wants it. Here are some tips to get rid of oily skin.Glowing skin is a reflection of a healthy mind. Girls try a hundred products to get a beautiful skin, but not all the products give the results as expected. There are many skin related problems, and every girl is constantly battling in maintaining their skin. Temporary glow doesn’t satisfy anyone. If you are craving of having a beautiful and healthy skin then don’t worry, here are 10 tips to keep your skin healthy and get the glow you want. There are some things which should be taken care of if you want a glowing skin.


Drink water

Water helps in eliminating a lot of problems with our body, and one such problem is acne. Water helps in removing acne and getting the clean skin you want. If you drink lots of water, then your skin will not look saggy and dull. Drinking at least 8-9 glasses of water per day will help you get rid of skin toxins, and it will improve your skin. By drinking plenty of water, your skin starts to have a more radiant glow. Water also gives oxygen to your skin and prevent it from dehydrating. Also here are some Home Remedies to moisturize your Dry Skin.

Apply sunscreen

Whenever you go out in sunlight, always use sunscreen. It helps in avoiding the ultraviolet rays of the sun which are very harmful to your skin. These rays create wrinkles on your skin and make it look dull. Buy a sunscreen and never forget to apply it whenever you go out as sunscreen will protect your skin from the harmful rays.

Sleeping is important

For girls, sleeping is important. Your skin repairs itself mostly when you are asleep. You should make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. If you don’t sleep much then, your skin might start looking dull with dark circles under your eyes. Sleeping makes your skin healthy and keeps you fresh. So remember, sleeping is important.

Wash your face

Always remember to wash your face in the morning and at night before you go to bed. Always wash your face with lukewarm water as, hot water will dry up your skin, and cold water won’t open up your pores. If your skin feels oily don’t overwash your face, start using some skin products which are suitable for your skin type.

Eat healthy food

Eating healthy diet is an important thing to do if you want a flawless skin. Start munching nuts as it helps in increasing skin elasticity and makes your skin look natural. Start eating lots of fruits and green vegetables. Fruits contain many vitamins and help you in having the skin you always wanted. Having a balanced diet makes your skin glow.

Avoid extra makeup

If you love applying makeup, then don’t overdo it. Makeup spoils your skin and makes it weak. If you use make-up, then you should always remember to clean it before going to bed. Leaving makeup doesn’t clog the pores, and it can cause excessive dryness to your skin. When you apply thick layers of foundation, mascara, and many other makeup products on your face, it hides your natural beauty and makes your skin unhealthy.


Exercise regularly as it keeps your body and skin healthy. Try doing yoga or meditation to keep your nerves calm. Stress becomes the biggest enemy of your skin. So if you exercise daily, then it keeps you protected from the pressure and keeps your skin healthy. It also helps in making your skin breath and keeps you protected from 80% of skin diseases.


It is important to keep your skin free from dirt, sweat, and oil. Start to keep cotton pads with you and wipe your face whenever required but do not be too harsh on your skin. You should always clean the T-zone of your face as it collects all the oil and is a very common area for blackheads and acne.

Choose products wisely

Some skin care products contain harsh chemicals. Start choosing your skin products carefully. When you choose a moisturizer or makeup, research about the products and the ingredients in them. The skin absorbs all the toxic chemicals which are not harmful to your skin, and it will always make your skin look dark and dull. Always take suggestions from doctors or your friends about the products you directly use on your skin.


The most common problem for an unhealthy is acne. Start following some home remedies for acne. Acne makes your skin look full of spots. Getting rid of acne is also a very important step in making your skin healthy.

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