10 mistakes people normally make while brushing their teeth



The first thing all of us do after waking up in the morning is brushing our teeth. No matter how late we run for school or office, brushing our teeth every morning is important. We are all stressed upon brushing our teeth white since childhood. We are always told that brushing our teeth regularly is an important task to do but still, there are chances that we are doing something wrong while brushing our teeth. Most people think that they know all the things that are necessary while brushing our teeth.Here are some effective toothache remedies.The increase in the number of individuals who have dental issues is huge which is a clear indication that they should adopt the proper method of brushing their teeth and eliminate all the mistakes.It is easy to get into bad habits with tooth brushing. So here are ten mistakes which we should avoid making.


Not using the right toothbrush

The most common mistake committed by people is not using the right toothbrush. While purchasing a new toothbrush one should buy it with all the cautions known to them. They should consider the size of their mouth and the comfort needed while brushing the teeth. Some brushes have stiff bristles which are known to aggravate the gums. A soft bristled brush is perfect for the gums and teeth. Most toothbrushes may look the same, but they are not. If you have sensitive teeth, then you need to get a brush which will not be too harsh on your teeth. There are different all types of brushes available. So, the first step is getting the suitable brush.



Some people spend very minimal time in brushing their teeth. People should at least spend 2 minutes in brushing their teeth. Many people are in a hurry while brushing, so they take about half the time, and they avoid cleaning it in a proper manner. Every person should clean their teeth at least twice a day. Two minutes is usually sufficient to remove plaque from your teeth and making it more healthy.

Right technique

Remember, a few strokes won’t get the job done. Firstly, you should learn how to hold the brush at the right angle so that it wouldn’t hurt your gums. Then rotate your wrist in a circular motion to remove the plaque efficiently. You should make sure to give special attention to the back teeth as they are the areas where the largest amount of plague is hidden. Never brush your teeth too hard as it injures the gums which lead to worsened oral health over time. If you brush too hard, then there are little cuts in the mouth which welcome an oral infection.

Choose products carefully


Stay away from the toothpaste that claims of whitening and brightening the teeth quickly. They may whiten you smile temporarily, but they can cause sensitivity and lead to decay if overused. If choosing the right products gets confusing; you should always consult a dentist.

Neglecting your tongue

While brushing, you give all the attention to your teeth but what about brushing your tongue? The tongue has all the right places for bacterias which can cause bad breath and reduces the dental health. It is important to brush your tongue to remove all the bacterias physically. While cleaning your teeth, you should not forget your tongue as it is easy to clean. Don’t brush too hard because it will damage the skin of your tongue. So always remember brushing your tongue after brushing your teeth.

 Keep replacing your toothbrush

It is recommended to replace your brush in ever three to four months. Most people hold onto their toothbrushes for far too long. If they keep using a toothbrush for too long, then the bristles become frayed and less effective, and it also can gather bacteria in the brush which might damage the gums and teeth. It is healthy to keep replacing your brush.

Storing the brush in the bathroom

In more than half the household the toothbrushes have germs on it because they are kept in the bathroom. When the flush is used in the toilet, all the contents of the toilet bowl are spread in all the directions which are harmful. So, putting a lid or a small cover on your toothbrush helps in reducing the germs. You can also store the toothbrush inside a cabinet near the bathroom. It is a mistake committed by 90% of people which leads to bad breath and bacterial infections in the teeth.

Brushing too many times

Brushing the teeth at least twice a day is ideal but doing it more frequently may not be beneficial. Brushing too often can expose the root of the tooth to irritation, and it can also erode the tooth enamel. It does not take a lot of pressure to remove the plague. Hence, most of the dentists suggest brushing the teeth twice a day.

Sour tooth

Energy drinks and sour candies have acid that softens the tooth enamel. We should always wait for half an hour after eating these acid supplements. Waiting for half an hour gives your saliva time to restore the tooth enamel. If you have the sour tooth, then do remember to brush and floss your teeth timely so that it doesn’t soften the enamel of your teeth.

Ignoring the sides

Many people start cleaning in the same part of their mouth, and they just keep brushing that particular area. It is better to start in a different place each time so that the other sides are not left till last. Both the sides should be taken care of while brushing.

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