10 Tips to Make Yourself and Your Mind More Creative

Let your imagination flow like water

“An empty mind is the house of the devil” – It is definitely true when you are not contemplating about anything then your brain acts just like a machine which a not been given any instructions to do anything. The human mind is the best organ gifted to the human beings, and unfortunately, they use the least. The intelligence conducted by various organizations gauge the level of intellectuality in a person. Some have higher IQ, and some have intermediate and some, low. It is not rocket science to think and make your mind more creative?

But the fact that brains in the same way for every individual cannot be denied. All the people have horizons of thinking, but it is up to them how they use it. There are 2 ways of thinking – critical (convergent) and Creative (divergent) thinking. The former relates to the logical reasoning aspect of human brain and the latter deals with the out of the box thinking meaning imagination. How innovative you are, depends on your minds’ skills to think off the shelf. Nobody wants to listen, read, or experience the things that already exist, everybody wants something different. So, here are 10 tips to polish your skills and attain a better visionary mind:

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    Be inquisitive

Be inquisitive

Your curiosity to know the world better will give the power of imagination. When you are eager to know about the mysteries of life, then you develop the capability to dig deep inside the reality and bring out the impossible. It does not mean that you have to become a Pantomath, but you should not let the curiosity die inside you.

  1. Pen down the thoughts the moment they occur

Pen down the thoughts the moment they occur

Your mind is equipped with so much of knowledge and experiments. It keeps the labor work on for every microsecond. So, the moment an idea clicks in your mind, you must jot it down because it is human tendency to forget about such quick flashes instantly. You never know you miss out on a very interesting thought. Do not let that happen.

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  1. Go beyond the unexpected

Go beyond the unexpected

Until and unless you explore the world and know what resides in it, you will not be able to think unique. What is there in the world can be seen with naked eyes, what your imagination has to offer is totally different. So, widen the frame of your mind and think beyond possibility.

  1. Be observant

Be observant

Observe the world with the hawk’s eyes. When you see through what is apparent, then only you can predict the unbelievable. You have to notice the minute details of this world that people fail to do. Don’t let your eyeballs rest because there is so much going in this globe that can serve as your source of inspiration.

  1. Be ready to bear the consequences of your idea

Be ready to bear the consequences of your idea

It means that your idea should be revolutionary, not destructive. Even the most dangerous explosives are also the output of some creative minds, but they are using it to malign others. It is a shame to use your creativity for such purposes. So, be careful with what you think about.

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  1. Be surrounded by creative minds

Be surrounded by creative minds

You have to share your thoughts with the ones who will respect it. So, search for such people who will understand the essence of your thoughts and tell their honest opinions about it. Your creativity will be given wings once you brush it up with the hands of the experts.

  1. Practice meditation

Practice meditation

To avoid any distractions that hinder your creativity skills from fostering, then you must practice meditation to increase the level of concentration. Once you expertise in this art, then only you will become a dreamer.

  1. Let your imagination flow like water

Let your imagination flow like water

Don’t fear that your ideas would be rejected, or people will mock at you. It is your brainchild, and you should be proud of it. Your imagination has no closure; it is you who can stop it from growing, imagine as vivid and unconventional you can.

  1. Prepare a bunch of ideas

Prepare a bunch of ideas

Why do you look for new ideas and concepts when you have them prepared right there in your mind? I mean when you are flooded with so many options in your mind that you have not yet used then why to go anywhere else? You have to merge the different idea and advance it to form a master plan. You can use this trick as it will help you in valuing the old ideas and blending them the new ones would create a magnum opus.

  1. Let your mind rest for a bit

Let your mind rest for a bit

When you try to pressurize your mind and push it to harder, then you are not doing help to yourself. You are just stretching your neurons. When you try to over-think something, it is not called contemplation, but exploitation of your mind. So, don’t suck the creative juices out of your brain by constant stress, give some time to your head, it will automatically come up with a bright idea.

Did your mind get enlightened?

Do you think that these tips will turn you into a genius? If your answer is yes, then you have let this be clear that these are just tips that can make it easier for you to expand your imagination; but they can’t transform you into a prodigy. At the end of the day, you are a human being you can’t let your mind be confined to the boundaries. You have to emancipate your mind from the shackles of your rudimentary flow of rudimentary thoughts. There is no stumbling block for your imagination. Imagination is the source of creativity.

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