10 Most Unsafe Countries for Women




10 Most Unsafe Countries for Women

Just yesterday Mrs Clinton lost a very well deserved post despite having all the necessary qualifications and measures for the post, due to rampant sexism in America.

Why do we always see headlines like-

1) Scared American women are preparing for a war on reproductive rights.

2) A Canadian woman was mistreated in her delivery room.

3) Studies between the gender pay gaps reveal women were working almost for free until now.

4) Millions of Women shudder Not My President.

5)  Woman gang-raped in Mumbai; Publicly insulted in court by asking humiliating questions.

6) 50% of Pakistani women face domestic violence.

7) Female general mutilation haunts women in Somalia.

The answer shows us the pathetic, venerable and sad state of women everywhere even today. Despite constant tries and campaigns regarding the issues faced by women, the situations in some countries just remain the same. Some countries clearly have no conceptual understanding of ‘Women Rights and Protection’.

In such countries, women and girls are looked down upon and considered as a great burden

We need to take a step back, consider, and retrospect that women brought us into this world and we have no right to disrespect another.

Let us take a look at top 10 countries considered unsafe for women in the world regarding torture, harassment, female killings, rape, etc.

1)    Afghanistan

According to various surveys conducted, Afghanistan ranks number one because of the high female illiteracy which ranks at a whopping 87%, child marriage. It also has a low birth mortality ratio which is as bad as 1600 in 100,000 live births. The crime against women and also domestic violence is very high. A very famous incident from Afghanistan is that of Shamsia, who was a victim of Taliban’s acid attack in Kabul.


2)    The Democratic Republic of Congo.

Discrimination against women based on gender and domestic violence is very high. On a daily basis almost 1150 women face abuse which is unspoken of and also unreported because of lack of awareness and support for the women. Child marriage is also an issue here; because of no strict jury here girls as young as 12 are forced into prostitution. World leaders have also said that women here are omitted from the peace processes despite playing a huge role in bringing world peace. A lot of projects have been undertaken to improve these situations.


3)    Somalia

Somalia practically has no law and order system. The most frowned problem in Somalia is that of female genital mutilation. Over 95% females between the ages of 4-11 have to undergo this ordeal. One of the saddest facts here is that the women from the older generation itself promote such practices to the younger ones. There is a grave need for awareness and change in the mentality of the women. UN strongly urges the ban of this inhuman practice and wants the next government in Somalia to ban this altogether as this is a horrendous violation of rights.


4)    Columbia

Columbia is the country with the highest number of domestic violence cases in the world with this being said we can get an idea about the horrible scurrility is faced by a woman there. What’s even worse is there is no legal aid available for the victims. The culprits get away with all the torture and walk freely without any fear. The only people working towards these causes are NGO’S.

COLUMBIA, MO - NOVEMBER 13: Concerned Students 1950 group supporters chant during a march through University of Missouri campus on November 13, in Columbia, Missouri. The "We Are Not Afraid" March started near Black Culture Center and ended in the central building, Jesse Hall.

5)    Egypt

Sexual harassment is the biggest problem in Egypt following next is domestic violence. However, the worst part of all of this is women have no permitted basic social rights like divorce, alimony or inheritance.

Egyptians hold signs during a protest in downtown Cairo to denounce the military's attacks on women and to call for an immediate end to the violence against protesters on December 20, 2011. AFP PHOTO/KHALED DESOUKI

6)    Mexico

Mexican laws are framed in a very limited context and have no scope or very less scope from sexual harassment, domestic violence and abuse. Women are even scared to file reports against incidents because of the humiliation that may come with it.


7)    Pakistan

There is a case of a lot of barbaric punishments in Pakistan.  These include stoning to death, child marriage and violence. Acid attacks are reportedly on the rise these days. Every second woman in Pakistan suffers from violence. I also include random firing which causes loss of human life on a massive scale.


8)    India

Illiteracy and unavailability of stringent laws are the main causes of crime here. Intolerance and disrespect towards women are very common here. Women are looked upon as the inferior gender. Gang rapes take place very often. Child marriage also takes place despite being banned and frowned on by law. Recent studies also show that there is an increase in female infanticide. Despite having an active judicial system India still faces such problems on the root level. This happens due to lack of general awareness and social activism. Measures are taken to kerb the same.


9)     Thailand

Thailand has a reputation for tourism. However, when it comes to a nice environment, the same can’t be said. The biggest problem here is excessive drinking of liquor. Women are treated as commodities here and are subjected to a great amount of harassment.


10)    Brazil

According to research every 15 seconds, a woman is abused either at home or in the public glare. Also, women here lack certain reproductive rights and also abortion is banned no matter what the cause maybe, the breaking of this law may lead to imprisonment for a period of 3 years.


The first part of solving problems is acceptance. We can together take small steps by doing little things ourselves like joining an NGO for a cause we relate to or just simply by protecting our sisters, friends and mothers from any injustice that happens around us. Let’s start taking small steps towards a better a tomorrow.

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