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An apology is something that takes very much courage to be asked for.  Not everyone is good at apologies, and not everyone can own their mistakes. Especially when it comes to boys, it is their ego that comes in between, and they aren’t able to stand up to their mistakes and ask the person they have hurt to forgive them. So being a boy, we explain how to apologize to her, and don’t think this act as something shameful, in fact asking for an apology is something that requires a lot more courage and a lot more than physical strength.

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    Firstly Get To Know Why Exactly Was She offended

Yes, this is the first tip on how to apologize to your girl. You have to know what exactly you are saying sorry for. Girls tend to have this ability to pay attention to everything you speak. Therefore you might not know that what statement or act of yours did make her sad, but it could be something that broke her heart. Try replaying the conversation or day that you spent together and see if you by mistake said anything that she could have felt bad for. If this trick doesn’t work then, ask some of her close friends or siblings.


  1. Apologize in Person

We know that the world has grown up to a much extent, and you have everything with a touch of the phone. However, some things are better if done the old fashioned way with an apology being one of them. Call the girl and ask her to meet you at some place which you both find comfortable or relaxing and then think about asking her for forgiveness.


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  1. Make Her Feel As If You Are Sorry

Don’t just say ‘sorry’ for the sake of saying it. You ought to mean it every time that you speak. As mentioned before, girls tend to have this habit of paying attention to everything you do. Therefore they would realize in case you are just saying sorry to get them off your back. Instead, while saying sorry make sure that you look into her eyes and bow your head a bit so that they understand that yes you are truly sorry for your actions. Speak softly and take your time; don’t just start blabbering in front of her.


  1. Mention what you did was wrong and how it may have affected her

This is like a golden tip of this list of how to apologize to a girl. While asking for an apology you ought to show empathy, and the girl must realize that yes you truly understand her part and the effect that it had on her. While asking for sorry, a simple sorry would give an impression that you didn’t know the after effects of your action and hence are saying it just because you have to. Instead, you ought to say sorry because you accept it is your fault, and you shouldn’t have behaved that way.


  1. Own It Up

Yes, this is the part which requires a lot of courage. You ought to be man enough to accept what you did was wrong and would never repeat it again. Even if you think that it wasn’t something that you did intentionally still you should own up to it and explain her real fact of you not aware of the consequences. She should get an image that yes you have actually learned from your mistakes.


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  1. Listen What She Has To Say

An apology is a time when you both have to put your thoughts on the table and get it all sorted out. Now that you have put your point forward listen carefully to what she has to say about the action which insulted her or broke her heart. Listen to each phrase carefully and if needed then rephrase them to her so that she would realize that yes you actually care enough to listen to her so patiently.


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  1. Finally, Ask Her to Forgive You

Now that you have presented your point to her, now finally it is time to say those five magical words ‘SORRY’. If she genuinely feels that you mean what you just said, then you two would be back together on good terms. In case this issue was caused due to a misunderstanding then, in the end, you two would be laughing it off.


  1. Try Making It Up To Her

Now, this is like the phase when you have said sorry to her. When she finally forgives you, you can be gentle enough to ask her that if there is something else that you can do in orders to make this up to her. Take initiatives to fix things up would show her that you actually value her and don’t wish to lose her.


  1. Never Repeat Your Mistakes Ever Again

Last on our list of how to apologize to a girl is very common. However be careful of not repeating the same thing again and don’t ever think that each time you ask for an apology, a girl would melt and forgive you. You might end up losing her forever. It is true that girls tend to have a lot of patience, but in case you get on her nerve then she wouldn’t hesitate in removing you out of her life.


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So, these were quite a few tips on how to apologize to your girlfriend. Follow these next time your screw up.

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