10 Low Cost Business Ideas for College Students



10 Low Cost Business Ideas for College Students

Are you looking for a job that would satisfy your esteem? Do you think you are fit for the traditional type of job profile? Do you have many concepts in your mind, but you are not able to execute them? Then you are in the wild-goose chase of a temporary vocation that could bag some pennies in your pockets. You must know that your life is not a joke, and you don’t have to let yourself down by opting for a petty job that is crushing your soul. You may not have enough money to invest in any business, but you can surely initiate an association of entrepreneurs, and you can plan for a startup. It sounds very easy, but it not. This entrepreneurship would require you to work day and night and the fruits borne out of it would be worth it. Here is a list of 10 such low cost business ideas that you can choose to wealth and prosperity:

1. To start a food truck

Food cart was not on the list of career avenues of the students. But due to increased exposure to the western culture, the youngsters have started pondering over this idea. After the release of the Hollywood film “Chef” in which the protagonist starts his food truck after getting fired from a restaurant, the youth of the country was moved, and they paid much respect the art of cooking food. You need to make some valuable investment in the beginning, and then you can indulge into this brilliant plan without any issues.


2. Designer T-shirts

It just requires the expense of the T-shirts and the lump sum payment of printers. If you have the flair of a designer, and you think you can transform your skills onto the T-shirts, then it is an ideal job for you. You can produce the various categories of graphic designs to the customers and print the demanded motifs on the T-shirts. This business would spread like a forest fire.


3. Online lectures

If you are brainy and you like to impart your knowledge to others, then you begin any online tutoring classes. You can upload your videos on a regular basis, or you can open a coaching center. It will not only help you earn a handsome income, but you can meanwhile upgrade your existing knowledge. It is, in fact, the noblest occupation you can think of.


4. Website development

If you are adroit in developing a website, and you don’t wish to work under any other website development firm, then it is the perfect opportunity for you. You can collaborate with a renowned Company, and you can begin your website with them. It will sharpen your skills, and you can procure a good amount of money.


5. Transportation services for the boarders

The giant universities are located over acres of sparse lands and thus commuting everyday becomes an issue for the college going children. So, you can start a transportation service on a small scale by hiring few buses from an agency. Once you are firm that your enterprise is going well, then you can think of extending it. You can fix a minimal price of the ticket and restrict the entry only for the students.


6. Grooming classes

To stay all spruced up is one of the most important components in the lives of the youngsters. If you have the prowess to convert a beast into a man, then you can open your grooming classes where you can enlighten people about personality development.


7. Accommodation facilities for the college students

The colleges loot the students by charging high fees for the hostel facilities. So, you can emerge as an angel for such sufferers and open an accommodation center for the students at a reasonable cost. You can rent a house or give some portion of your own property for this startup plan. It will initially be hard for you manage the expenses but as the time passes, you will be able to dead set on it.


8. Party planners

Youngsters love visiting clubs and pubs for the celebration of even small occasions, so you can organize parties for them by planning the theme for it and making arrangements for recreation activities. You can save the people from getting fooled by the exorbitantly priced embellishments made by the other party planners.


9. Translators

There are many colleges where a foreign language is taught as part of the main course, so if you are one such person who loves talking in the foreign language, then you can share it with others. Instead of joining any Embassy as an interpreter, you can yourself commence a Company, which provides translators to the tourism industry where there is a high need of tourist guides who can understand and converse with the foreign visitors.


10. Photography clubs

It is an excellent option particularly for the media students and all the amateur photographers. You can buy a DSLR that suits you’re your demands and ten you can form a club with the people sharing the same interest. You can exhibit your themed photographs in a display, or you can go for a photographic excursion. For advanced step, you can include videographers in your team and shoot on various subjects. It would not cost you much since being photographers you would already have equipment which you would need.


These 10 suggested projects would cost you nothing, but your talent. You must know your area of expertise, and then you should move forward with the idea. You must know that these are just pieces of advice that I can give you, the success of your venture lies in your hands. How you deal with your losses and gains that depend on you. You must register it in your mind that you can think about running these low-cost businesses only when you are determined to take them to new heights. If you have any such attitude that you can give up somewhere in future, then you must not put your life at stake. Always remember that you are not a buffoon and you have something special in you that set you apart from others. You must discover the knack in you and brush it up before it is too late.

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