You never knew what nail polish does to your body. This is really shocking

You never knew what nail polish does to your body. This is really shocking

You never knew what nail polish does to your body. This is really shocking

Girls, you love beautifying your nails by putting different colours’ nail paint but are you aware of the fact that how much this nail polish harm your body? We human beings are so much busy in our lives that we don’t have time to know about the product we are using. Let’s check out what nail polish does to your body.

Research by Environmental Working Group at the University Of Duke found that the toxic chemicals present in the nail polish seep into the women’s bodies. The endocrine disrupting chemical consists of a trio of dangerous elements including TPHP and DPHP which after fourteen hours metabolise in the user’s bloodstream. The shocking part of these compounds is that the body is absorbing these chemicals very soon. During research, it is found that among ten bottles of nail polish only two are without TPHP.

–    TPHP makes the product durable and flexible: –

TPHP is an important part nail polish as it makes the product extremely flexible and sustainable. After the research, it is confirmed by the scientist that even TPHP is not a good substitute to Dibutyl Phthalate.

–    Various brands claimed to be toxic trio free but when non-toxic tested it is found that the nail polish contains chemicals.

–    The chemicals which are found in nail polish can lead to deadly diseases like reproductive problems, cancer, etc.

–    Nail polish plasticiser is connected with the congenital disabilities in animals.The presence of DBP in nail polish is widespread to cause lifetime reproductive impairments in male rats and can damage the prostate gland, penis and epididymis.

–    The various companies use DBP because it provides shine and flexibility to their products, but research shows that DBP is found the blood of every person they have tested.

–    Other than DBP there are two more chemicals which are found in nail polish, i.e., TOLUENE and FORMALDEHYDE.

–    Toluene is made up of coal tar or petroleum. The presence of these chemicals can harm your kidney or liver, lower blood cell count, anaemia issues or can affect the developing fetus. It is used in nail polish to give a soft and smooth finish.

–    Formaldehyde is a well-known carcinogen and is utilised in a nail polish as a preservative and hardener.

–    These chemicals are not only dangerous for women, but it is also harmful to the man’s who are working in nail polish industries. The companies should avoid using these chemicals as they are linked with deadly diseases and should try to find out other safe alternatives.

It is high time now and the need of the hour to close those industries which add all the harmful chemicals as their results are dangerous. It is well said that precaution is better than cure and this statement suits all the people who are using these products blindly. The industries should also take care of all such products as they should know that their product is damaging the life of many innocents. If people stop using these dangerous products, then the companies have take steps for improvement. If you can’t live without a nail paint then you can also go for natural ways to make nail paint in your home.

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