10 Ways to Keep a December Zodiac Sign Happy



10 Ways to Keep a December Zodiac Sign Happy

In a population of 7 billion people, some of us don’t believe in astrology, and some of us do. The real truth here is that one person has two parts, a believer and a non-believer of astrology. Every morning when we wake up and read the newspaper, we make sure that we read our sign’s ‘horoscope for the day’.

There are in all 12 zodiac signs. Each sign has different traits, different personalities which don’t just differ from one zodiac sign to other but also from one person to other. So, do you know your friends’, family’s and partner’s zodiac sign? If yes and if they are Sagittarians, you are definitely in luck today! I’m going to tell you 10 ways to keep a December zodiac sign happy!

Here are 10 ways to keep a December zodiac sign happy:

Support their adventurous spirit

People born under December Zodiac Sign have a light, a very adventurous spirit and they are on a never-ending hunt for some adventure! Travelling and exploration are their spirit animal! It soothes and heals their soul in an inexplicable way.

Let them express themselves

The December Zodiac Sign have some serious ideas that need to be appreciated! They can form an excellent partner to have an intellectual debate with. These people hate being held back, and if not allowed to express themselves, the picture between you and them is definitely not going to be so good. If they feel XYZ person isn’t a nice person and they want that person to know that, let them express that. Would you/Can you ever stop a lion from roaring?


They are free spirits! December Zodiac Sign are the animals that don’t want to be tamed and can’t be tamed. They love leading the life of their choices. They want to do it all by themselves. Let them live! If they want to quit their job and begin with a start-up, let them! If they want to try Vietnamese food, let them!

Help them achieve their goals

Ok, now December Zodiac Sign are headstrong and extremely passionate towards their goal. It drives them. They will do anything and work as much as they can and more to achieve their goals. All you got to do is, help them do that. If that means grocery shopping for a month, do it! If that means making them late night coffees while they are working, do it!  Their success is what makes them happy.

Make them believe in you

If you are one of those people who are commitment phobic, then boy, you are in for some trouble! People born under December Zodiac Sign love people who can show their dedication towards them and their relationship. Make them believe that you will be there for them through thick and thin. If you manage to do that, they are yours for a very long time to come! Nothing but your commitment in a relationship is going to make them happy.

Don’t give them ‘what ifs.’

A big NO!

What if we marry in 5 years?

What if I quit my job tomorrow?

What if I decide not to tell my parents about you?

What if we break up in a week’s time?

People born under December Zodiac Sign HATE ‘what ifs’. They always expect people to have a concrete plan just like they themselves do. Be laser sharp about what you want, and that will turn them on! Your foresightedness is going to make them happy beyond reasons! The more you deal with reality and find a solution for whatever is needed to be taken care of, the more they will be attracted towards you. Easy, right?!

Humor and intelligence!

I mean, come on, who does not like a combination of humor and intelligence? A partner who is funny and intelligent is goals! People born under December Zodiac Sign are no different; they too absolutely love humor and intelligence! Sweep them off their feet, you guys out there! Now you know how to get that boy/girl born in December! Also, to be the perfect blend of humor and intelligence, please watch The Big Bang Theory and try to emulate ‘Dr. Sheldon Cooper’. Believe me, nothing and nobody can help you more than Sheldon!

Shower them with knowledge and wisdom!

Sagittarians especially are very fond of new things. They are highly intellectual and have an advanced spirituality. They never get tired of learning something new and important every day. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and wisdom. They have very profound thoughts and love to hear them from other people too. Your philosophies about life (if you have any) and your love for knowledge will make  December Zodiac Sign happy more than you could ever imagine!

Make spontaneous plans

People born under December Zodiac Sign, being adventurous, love spontaneous plans! Take them out for a surprise dinner after a long hard day of work and they will love it! Take them for a long ride when they are feeling low, and they will only love you more. Sing them a cute song, and they will be happy! These small little things make them euphoric especially if spontaneous.

Give them all your love and affection

December zodiac sign individuals are hungry for love and affection. If you really want to make them happy, all you got to do is tell them that you love them with all your heart, soul and gratitude and they will sport a huge smile in return for you to tell how happy you made them!

It’s not difficult to make people happy. You only need to understand them. Once you get hold of that person’s attitude, personality and dreams, there is no force in the world that can stop you from making them happy!


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