10 things to keep an October zodiac sign happy




10 things to keep an October zodiac sign happy

The October zodiac sign belongs to Libra. Libra is an air sign and its ruling planet is Venus. People having Libra as their zodiac sign are characterised by their peaceful behaviour. They always prefer being in the company of people and hate being alone. Libra are friendly people. Here are 10 ways by which you can make an October zodiac sign happy-

Devote Them Time

As said earlier, October zodiac sign people do not prefer being alone. If you are trying to make a Libra happy, devote plenty of time being with them. Their fear of being alone sometimes makes it really to impress the Libras. All they need is a good company, and they will turn out to be quite friendly.

Flatter them

Venus, the ruling planet of the October zodiac sign people, is the goddess of love and attraction. They are vulnerable to flattery and compliments. They constantly feel the need of being adored. Do not restrict your compliments to their appearance, instead, compliment them in all the aspects of life. They also like being surrounded by beautiful things. Libras have immense love for charm. The charm could be of nature, of art or something else. This does not mean you have to spend a hefty amount to please a Libra. A lovely meal could do a great deal in making a Libra happy. You can also please a Libra by gifting them chocolates or beautiful flowers or taking them to some beach, park or art museum. Never forget to show your love for a Libra man or Libra woman through your actions. Even holding doors for them could make them happy. Libras respect others and want the same respect in return. Always be polite while talking to people having this October zodiac sign.

Try meeting a Libra in social groups

An October zodiac sign person loves being social. They feel comfortable when they are surrounded by people. Libra personalities never miss a chance to indulge themselves in conversations. They tend to open up more when surrounded by a crowd of people. Libra men and Libra women are social butterflies.

Go slow and be patient

October zodiac sign people have weak ability to decide what they want in life. You need to be very patient while dealing with the indecisive Libra characteristic. People of October zodiac sign are flirty by nature and take a lot of time to commit to serious relationships. You have to be slow and patient if you are trying to make Libra personalities happy. Before jumping into a relationship with someone, an October zodiac sign prefers being friends with that person for a significant amount of time. If you are trying to date a Libra, be his friend first. And do not get frustrated if a Libra is taking the time to commit.

Help a Libra picking up activities

The indecisive nature is a major Libra personality trait and is not only limited to relationships. The October zodiac sign people have a hard time in deciding even the simplest of things like which outfit to wear, which novel to read and so on. Often, October zodiac sign people come across situations when they face difficulty between choosing two or more things. Save a Libra from such troubles by making a decision for him, and he will genuinely thank you for it.

Do not try engaging Libras in debates

One of the noticed Libra characteristics is that they are peaceful and open minded. Libras tend to maintain peace by listening to both sides of an argument. They are patiently willing to hear both the sides of debate. However, Libras refrain from participating in useless arguments. They prefer staying away from narrow-minded people. While having discussions with a Libra, try being open minded.

Be a patient listener

October zodiac sign people like being around with people who are patient listeners. If you listen to a Libra patiently without interrupting them, it would be considered an act of politeness by him. Along with listening, if you remember all that your Libra friend has told you, it would be an icing on the cake for him. Listen to Libra personalities when they are upset.

Focus on your appearance

Libras like feeling beautiful and focus on their appearance. Do not be annoyed if any of your Libra friends spends too much time dressing up. In the same way, they like being around people who pay attention to their appearance. You don’t have to spend hours dressing up, but you should look presentable and tidy to make Libra personalities happy.

Do not criticise a Libra

Libras hate being criticised as much as they love being complimented. Criticisms embarrass Libra men and Libra women. Refrain from criticising them as much as possible.

Be sharing

Show Libra the charitable side of yours. They appreciate the inner beauty of a person. You could either offer your food to others or offer your seat to an elderly person. An October zodiac sign person will appreciate this quality of yours. Not only this, Libra would be happy if you share your personal stories with them.

These are the little things which you can do to make a person having October zodiac sign happy.

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