10 things you must know about a cancer woman


A Cancer woman is born between 21 June- 22 July. The moon rules a Cancer woman, so she is both peaceful and passionate. She can be stubborn and furious at times. The best Cancer personality trait is that she is strong willed and persistent. To know more details about the cancer woman read the list of Cancer characteristics and Cancer traits you should know about.



A Cancer woman is very delicate and does not trust anyone easily. She is scared of getting hurt, and she will do anything to protect herself. She is very sensitive and will care a lot about people she loves. She will always have a soft corner for everybody she meets in her life.

Great friend

A Cancer woman comes out to become a great friend. If she comes close to anybody, then she will maintain a very good bond with them.  That is why you can see Cancer Compatibility With Various Other Signs. She will always care and love her friends. If they are in danger, then she will do anything to save them. She will always be there for her friends when they need her. If she has to, then she will walk an extra mile for friends without complaining.

Great Cook

A Cancer woman loves to cook and will make delicious food. Cooking is like her hobby, and she can do it whenever you ask her too. She will never refuse you when you ask her to cook anything for you. She will always cook food for you with passion and love.


A Cancer woman is very moody. She will have many different moods. She will never be able to get out of the mood swings easily. If she is dating a cancer man, then he will definitely understand her mood swings as he goes through the same most of the times. If she isn’t in the mood, then don’t force her to talk to you because she can be little harsh.

Decision making

A Cancer woman will always think before making any decisions. She will never make impulsive decisions. She will always think about others and herself before making any decision. She will never make hasty decisions which can ruin or hurt anybody.

Sense of style

A Cancer woman has an exquisite taste in fashion and will always dress up the best. She can make anything and anybody look beautiful; this is how good she is in styling. She has a great sense of style and will always look lovely.


A Cancer woman is romantic and takes her relationships very seriously. She will always stay honest and devoted to her partners. She will never have eyes for any other guy. She can sometimes turn up to be a little annoying in the relationship.


A Cancer woman can be a manipulator as she knows how to get her things done. If she wants something, she will make it happen no matter what. She will do anything to get the thing she wants.


A Cancer woman is known as a very mysterious woman. She will never let you know what she is feeling, and you will always fail in guessing it. She will never tell about her inner most feelings and will make you think about her feelings. Also,There are some Cancer Characteristics They Try To Hide From The World.

Open minded

A Cancer woman is very open minded, and she has great thoughts. She will always give good bits of advice and will always help you out of every problem. She can come out to be the best problem solver for you.

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