Cancer Compatibility With Various Other Signs


Cancer is born in between June 22 and July 22. They are one of the most challenging and sentimental zodiac signs. Cancer is most compatible to Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. The least compatible signs with cancer are Aries and Libra. There are many cancer characteristics and cancer personality traits. There are times when cancer is compatible with some signs because of the Cancer traits. Let’s discuss cancer compatibility with various other signs.


Cancer and Aries

Cancer compatibility with Aries will always depend on the understanding they share. There are a lot of things which they can learn from each other if they cooperate and try to understand each other. If they do not try to understand one another, then they can have the most challenging relation.

Cancer and Taurus

Cancer compatibility with Taurus is high. They have the potential to become each other’s soulmate. They can make everyone jealous of their understanding and mutual respect for each other. They can have a deep and intense relationship and will always be happy together.

Cancer and Gemini

Cancer and Gemini can be a very tough match. Cancer compatibility with Gemini is not so great because of their attitude for each other. They will have a lot of challenges to face in their relation but they should know how to overcome all of them together. If they work together, then they can have a good bond.

Cancer and cancer

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A Cancer man and a Cancer woman can have an intensely emotional and romantic relation. Cancer compatibility with Cancer is very affectionate and devoted. They are very loyal to each other. They will always share a great bond with each other.

Cancer and Leo

Cancer compatibility with Leo can be a rough ride. No matter how many challenges they face, they will understand each other’s basic emotional needs. Sometimes they will need entirely different things and can have difficult situations to deal with.

Cancer and Virgo

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Cancer compatibility with Virgo is excellent. They will always bring out the best in each other. They have a mutual understanding for each other which makes their bond strong even in the most stressful situations. They have excellent communication skills. They will always grow very greatly in their relationship.

Cancer and Libra

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Cancer compatibility with Libra can be tough to maintain. They may not be able to fulfil each other’s needs and requirements. They are entirely different from each other. If they try to adopt each other’s style, then they can improve their relationship.

Cancer and Scorpio

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Cancer compatibility with Scorpio can be very surprising. They have the potential to become each other’s soulmate. They have a great emotional understanding. If they decide to part their ways, then it can be very painful for them as they have a strong bonding.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius can be a difficult and challenging relationship to work upon. Sagittarius are bold and blunt and sometimes they do not understand each other’s emotional needs. They can have a difficult time in dealing with each other sometimes.

Cancer and Capricorn

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Cancer compatibility with Capricorn is great for a short term fling. They can have a very challenging time if they try to make it work for long term. If they try to understand each other, then they can have a strong bond as friends.

Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer compatibility with Aquarius is not so high and not so low. They have different needs and requirements from their lives. They can have a very destructive relationship if they try to make it work for longer.

Cancer and Pisces

Cancer compatibility with Pisces is very great. They are made for each other and can be each other’s soulmate. They can have an adamant bond if they try to understand each other. They have deep connections with each other.

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