10 things you must know about a Capricorn woman



A Capricorn woman is born in between 23 December- 20 January. She can be a bit stubborn at times and can choose a really different path from others, but that’s the thing about a Capricorn personality. She is devoted and sincere with the ones she loves. Here are 10 Capricorn characteristics and Capricorn personality traits you must know about.



A Capricorn woman is very caring and helpful. She will always be caring towards her family and friends. She will never disappoint you, and she will always be there for you whenever you need her. Her caring nature makes her very friendly.

Sense of fashion

A Capricorn woman has a magnificent sense of style and fashion. She will always dress to impress, and you will love her style. You will always find her buying fabulous clothes, and she is a shopaholic. You will see her wardrobes full of amazing clothes and shoes.  Her sense of style is different from others which make her stand out of the crowd.


A Capricorn woman is born highly self-motivated, and she loves supervising everybody. She loves managing things and working like a boss. Capricorn woman is known for her dominating nature. She has her own leadership style and will never want to be a subordinate. There are some Capricorn Compatibility With Various Other Signs. Here is a cool Boss Lady mug to match those vibes!


A Capricorn woman will not open up quickly. She will take her time to open up to you. If she doesn’t find you trustworthy then, she won’t tell you anything. If she connects with you instantly, then you will never get bored with her, and you will enjoy her company. You will never be able to guess her feelings if she doesn’t tell you about it. Here are some Capricorn Characteristics Which They Try To Hide From The World. You could get yourself (if you are a Capricorn) or your friend this diary to maintain as their journal and pour their hearts out.


A Capricorn woman is very loyal and doesn’t believe in cheating and being unfaithful to somebody. She believes being unfaithful is the sign of weakness. You can be sure about the fact that a Capricorn woman will never ever cheat on you. She is very honest and loyal to the ones she loves.


A Capricorn woman is romantic at heart. She will love her partner truly. If she falls for a Capricorn man, then they might have a long term relationship. Anybody dating her will be damn lucky as she will love you purely and honestly. She will make sure that you know how much she loves you.


A Capricorn woman is fun to hang out with. She will always entertain you and never let you get bored with her. You should know things to keep January zodiac happy.A Capricorn woman will keep cracking silly jokes and will do little things that will make you happy. She is very exciting and interesting, and you will enjoy her company. Her sense of humour is very amazing, and she is hilarious. At times she can act like a little kid too.


A Capricorn woman is very creative, and she will always come up with new ideas. She will always offer you the best ideas and solutions if you want. If anything comes her way, then she will have an excellent idea to solve it.

Straight forward

She is straight forward, and she speaks out everything directly. She will always give you valid opinions and will be incredibly honest about everything you ask. A Capricorn woman will never jumble up the words to make you feel better. She will say whatever comes to her mind without thinking about it even once.


A Capricorn woman is very sporty and adventurous. She is very active and ready to have fun anytime. She is also very exciting when it comes to road trips and travelling.

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