Top 10 tattoos for men that attracts women


Men with tattoos are a major turn on for a lot of women. According to some women, men with tattoos are more fun, masculine and in general more erotic.  They also claimed that men with good build and tattoos are “super hot” and give out a “bad boy” vibe. And no matter how much they decline, most ladies have a thing for bad boys, Right ladies?

While some of you might disagree, let me tell you researchers also say that women dig men with tats.

When it comes to women, they all have different ideas as to tattoo makes a male attractive. Yes, not all tattoos are hot. So without further ado let’s get to our topic at hand, now we understood that women love tats in male, we also got that they don’t like all the tattoos, so the question is what kind of tattoos do they find attractive? Let’s discover, shall we?


1. Compass Tattoos

Tattoos with the compass can be really meaningful. The thought of a tattoo that steers you on a personal level is seen as a major attractive feature. This gives out a vibe that you are thoughtful and this is one of the most attractive quality in a man.

2. 3D tattoos

3D tattoos are absolute work of art, and we have some super talented tattoo artists that can give a 3-dimensional look to a tattoo. With that kind of work on your body, you will really stand out. The detailing in this kind of tattoos makes a positive impression because of the colouring, shadowing, etc. gives life to the tattoos.

3. Dainty tattoos

Dainty tattoos work for women and men both. In fact, they look tremendous on men. There is something really powerful effectual about those thin lines. To be honest, this kind of simple tattoos have the power to make the bold statement. You just have to get them right.

4. Scene Tattoos

Weaving tattoos are extremely creative and the use of dots to illustrate dimension are what make these tattoos stand out. As these tattoos wrap around the arms or legs, it makes the women stop and look around the whole area to get the full view. Basically, she will stop to check out your tattoo. Scene tattoos represent time and dedication, also a story.

5. Shadow work tattoos

Shadow tattoos feature detailed work using light and shadows to portray dimensions, and that is why these tattoos make the beautiful statement. The tattoos particularly look really appalling which have feature nautical rudiments or animals with detailed shadow because they look so real.

6. Thai, Tibetan, Buddhist tattoos

These symbols represent a religion or way of life, which is very attractive, as they show that you have to carry a certain spiritual value with you. It becomes more appealing when the guy has some strong opinion about on the topic as well. For women, there is nothing sexier than passion, and the guys who are brave enough to wear their passion with them always get a major attractive point.

7. Veins tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, it all about details, details and details. And a tattoo peter out into a vein is a nice and creative touch. Trees have so many different connotations in tattoos and seeing something natural setting into someone’s vein can send quite a powerful message. These tattoos have really masculine angels, which will define your muscles.

8. Matching tattoos

Matching tattoos are a great way to show your love to your partner, particularly in a long distance relationship, they help you feel bonded. If you have a girl in your life, you could get matching tattoos. While there are plenty of options for couple tattoos, go for the one that symbolises your relationship the best.

9. Heartbeat tattoos

A heartbeat tattoo, particularly when it is a meticulous heartbeat, is really sexy on a guy. As we connect heart as the centre of love having a tattoo like this helps celebrate a particular moment or love. Who can resist that?

10. Female tattoo on men

In this era of equality and a swelled prominence of bending gender lines and forbearance, traditional female tattoos on men are hot. It is sexy when someone is confident about themselves, so a floral scene on men is an attractive tattoo and no it doesn’t affect their masculinity at all, in fact, they reflect a man who is proud of who he is

Now that we have reached the end of our list, we hope you have found your tattoo. Sure, you need a tattoo that is sexy and attracts female attention, but more importantly your tattoo should reflects you as a person, so make sure you choose wisely.

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