10 Reasons why we need more intercaste marriages in our society

10 Reasons why we need more intercaste marriages in our society


10 Reasons why we need more intercaste marriages in our society

“Marriages are made in heaven”, they say. By that logic, like most people in India, heaven should have a strict rule of ‘DO NOT MARRY OUTSIDE YOUR COMMUNITY’. But does heaven has such barriers? Who defines such barriers? Why should two fully grown adults who are financially independent be told whom they should be marrying and whom not? These are just some age-old science defying rules our ancestors had come up with; the society has put forth these not-so-logical rules about marriages.

Tell me, did the stone-age man know the caste of the woman whom he had chosen as his companion for life? Funny, isn’t it? In a world where gay marriages are legal, the transgender people are free to love each other; some countries still think inter-caste marriages are taboo. Do you want to prove them wrong? Here are a few reasons that will help you demonstrate the benefits and advantages of an inter-caste marriage! These are a few points that will help you go ahead with an inter-caste marriage.

(But before we begin, what exactly is an inter-caste marriage? I know castes that have sub-castes, and there is discrimination between these sub-castes too. Inter-caste marriage is not just marrying people belonging to different sub-castes but also people of different castes and religions altogether!)

1.)    Your kids will thank you for making them smarter!

It is genetically observed that the progeny (kids) born out of the union of people belonging to different castes will be much healthier and smarter. It is simply because of genetic diversity which is most often found more in inter-caste marriages than intra-caste marriages. In fact, your spouse might just be your 18th/19th or Nth cousin, and you won’t even know about it is an intra-caste marriage! This can cause some serious genetic defects in your children.

2.)    Cultural diversity

Tired of same old food at your house? Want to celebrate different festivals? Inter-caste marriage brings it all together for you! Imagine eating Puranpoli and Payasam or Rasgulla and Sevaiyaan at the same time…Oh wow! Already salivating? A Parsi girl can try a Navvari saree; a Punjabi guy can try a lungi. Sounds cool to me! On a serious note, it is always good to have some cultural diversity. After all, there is unity in diversity. It’s healthy to be a part of a completely new community and different people.

3.)    Terrific mutual understanding and acceptance

To be honest, it is quite easy to understand a person who grew up in a similar environment as yours. But in an inter-caste marriage, you need an exceedingly great level of mutual compatibility and understanding. You are completely oblivious to your partner’s cultural upbringing. If you are stuck with your partner of different caste for quite some time now, I’m sure your bond is very strong. Your bond has broken the barrier of castes, and you perceive each other just as two humans who love each other. You have accepted each other for what and how you are. Your compatibility is through the roof! What else does a couple need?

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4.)    Broadening outlook

I think it is very narrow-minded to stick to traditional intra-caste marriages. Not that I don’t like intra-caste marriages, But come on, we are living in the 21st century. Isn’t it a time when we expand our horizons and broaden our outlook? Wouldn’t it be nice to give other people, different people a chance too? After all, it is all about compatibility for spending (most of the times) a lifetime together and not just about castes and marriages. What if the girl/boy you like isn’t of the caste as yours? Should that stop you from liking her? Think about it.

Also, it is not just about you and your partner. Your inter-caste marriage will be changing your parents’ and relatives’ outlook too. If your parents are stubborn and refuse to allow an inter-caste marriage, this is your chance. You will only be helping the society advance and move forward socially and ethically.

5.)    You will probably be the coolest parents!

If your children are an outcome of your inter-caste marriage, you’ll be the parents with a modern outlook. You will be more likely to accept the changing mindset of the new generation. What else does a rebellious teenager wish for?

Not just that, your kids will be growing up in a diverse environment. Children will get to live two different cultures, celebrate different and many festivals, speak multiple languages, and of course, they will have the chance to eat different foods!

Biggest added advantage is that they will never have a problem adapting to people. They will be very comfortable with most people without being racial, socially and ethnically discriminative. They will be a perfect blend of a tad bit conservative and super modern thinking!

The world is globalising. Who would have thought McDonald’s would be in India? India is a country of more than 20 official languages. We proudly call ourselves diverse. If so, why can’t we put an end to honour killings and finally show unity in diversity?

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