10 realities of online dating you must know

10 realities of online dating you must know


10 realities of online dating you must know

The Internet brought the dawn of modernisation quite fast. Now communicating with people has been made ultra smooth and rapid. This has saved us a lot of our time, and we cherish it with our whole hearts. Starting from medicines to space technology, the Internet has been the centre of all events. And it didn’t spare relationships either.

And like every other thing, the internet had its fair share of dark sides as well. Online dating found the light of the day quite soon, and these days, it is spreading like wildfire. While most find online dating to be fun, yet it does have some serious adverse impacts we do not know about. Here are some things one must know about online dating:

A Failed attempt at bringing people closer

Quite most often, online dating feels like a shambolic attempt at building relationships. The people on dating sites generally are known to look for casual hook-ups, and this is crushing for a person looking for something real and meaningful in life. Online dating often misses out on love as an emotion and relationships as a strong bond. It gives disappointment to people who have the impression of finding their soul mate through online dating. A simple question it is. Can you understand emotions and feelings through a computer? Yes maybe. Can you be sure the other person actually reciprocates what he expresses? No.

Profiles are icebergs

Wondering what I meant by that? Oh, it’s very simple. Icebergs are special. The tip only says about 10% of what it actually is. Similar is the case with most profiles on online dating sites. The credentials may just impress you. But to be honest, who knows what you actually might find out? The person you are interested in may just be another guy with tonnes of dark stuff added to his name. But the profile wouldn’t say anything about it.

It dilutes your sense of commitment

It might just be possible that people are serious about relationships they come across online. But a major part of those relationships turns out to be a lie. It’s as hard as it sounds. This experience that you get on an online dating site might tend to reduce your affinity for meaningful relationships. Commitment is a nascent and pure thing. It wouldn’t do any good to you if you somehow lost your seriousness for a relationship for all the wrong reasons.

Uncertainty of meeting the right people

It is a question of relevance if you will meet the person you are onto on an online dating website. For example, let us suppose you are attracted to a girl by looking at her profile and her personality descriptions. The fact that you chat with her and manage to ask her out doesn’t guarantee you that you are going to meet the person you thought you would meet. Maybe her profile could have been fake as well. This might crush you if you are a serious guy looking. Same goes for girls as well.

Intimacy issues

It is a disturbing fact that online dating cheapens the concept of intimacy. It is highly likely that the online conversation you have with the person you like would end up being flirty and intimate in nature. This itself brings in a thing called Sexual banter. Online dating sites are known to bring up casual sex on the first date due to their fickle involvement. So it would definitely influence your views towards intimacy and makes you more prone to losing your principles about love and relationships.

Lies in the shadows of truth

It is easy to lie on an online dating platform. Since the conversation is virtual, it is literally a cup of tea on someone’s part to lie to you without any remorse. This is one of the goriest realities of online dating that you will always face. Relationships can also be built on lies.

You may have to change

You may have to change your personality to suit the other person you are talking to. Yes, you might think you wouldn’t do so, but the fact is you will again be a prey to attractive profiles. This creates a sense of longing in you and suddenly you are ready to change yourself for someone you deem to be perfect for you.


You will bear the brunt of disappointments every now and then. You will find yourself getting disappointed more often because the person you found out to be so attractive may turn out to be just another cheap person looking to hook up with you. This will hurt you badly if you tend to get friendly with a stranger in very less time.

Happy relationship?

Most of the people you are going to see on online dating sites will either be attracted to you because of your profile or because they are looking for some casual rounds. It is given that you are definitely not going to show up your negatives or problems on your profile. So chances are highly likely that the person you like would give you a skip when he/she faces the first hints if your negatives and problems.


Love is the backbone of every relationship. Love is not something that you can get online. It involves interactions, healthy smiles and serious face to face conversations. These things are unavailable on sites. You may like someone, but love is something you may not discover by chats or virtual conversation.

It is possible that soul mates could be found on online dating websites. It is not an impossible scenario. But the only matter of concern lies in the fact that you cannot trust someone you have never seen or talked to. Having said that,  if you are interested in online dating to be careful with your steps. Don’t lose your way. And hope that you find someone who actually cares about what you are.


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