Top 10 tattoos on women that men find attractive


Now, we all know tattoos look sexy on men, so sexy! But have you ever wondered what tattoos on women men find sexy?  Certainly, tattoos for women have gained a lot of popularity over the years and not just among hippies but also with the housewives and working women.

Tattoos for women can be beautiful and empowering, and they attract both male and female. And when getting a tattoo, it’s not just the design that matters; location plays a huge role too. The sexiness of a tattoo has to do a lot with the location. Spots like thighs, under the breast, ribs, etc. are some of the interesting places to have a tattoo. Now that we have discussed the spots, let’s get down to our main topic, sexy tattoos, now if you have decided to get a tattoo and you want to turn a few eyes with it, we got your back.


Here we present top 10 sexiest tattoos:

1. Stars

Stars are one of the most famous tattoos for women, and they are definitely sexy. You can have them in a nautical star design, or pair them with the moon to create a numinous and celestial design. While stars are not tough, they sure are interesting. In any case, they are the brightest things illuminating the whole night sky.

2. Roses

There is no argument about the beauty of the rose worn as a body art. Whether you decide on an old school traditional rose design or an artful black and grey flower, roses are symbolic, romantic and feminine even in a tattooed outline. Roses are also great memorial tattoos whether for your partner or your mother. Rose tattoos are a floral symbol of love. You could get your hands on some temporary yet beautiful rose tattoos here!

3. Cherries

With their sexual association cherry tattoos need no convincing with the men. If you want a tattoo that is sexy and flirty, a pair of cherries will do the work. Plus they look cute too. Often small fruit tattoos on collarbones, ankles, and hips are adorable and give you that sweet doll look.

4. Symbols

Just like women, men also like the mystery. Sure you can wear a garter on your things, heart on your sleeves, the sun or the moon on your hips, but most enjoy ready a woman’s body like a book, and they like when you give them a glance about yourself but leave a lot to discover as well.

So add some mystery to your body with unique symbols, glyphs, and even Arabic and Chinese character tattoos. They never go out of style and more importantly they carry certain kind of mystery with them. It leaves him curious, and later it will be a perfect pillow talk.

5. Dragon

Men love the fiery dragon, and they dig chicks with dragon tattoos, mythical, magical, charismatic, and powerful, the dragon tattoo captures it all. You can opt for a Chinese tattoo to celebrate your birth year or opt for the Japanese one, either way; these tattoos add a certain charm to your sex appeal.

6. Butterflies

Now, they may be the most common tattoos among girls, but ladies, guys dig butterfly tattoos.  There was a time when butterfly used to be symbolised as ‘tramp stamp’ but not anymore, now they are the symbol of love and beauty. One of the best places to get butterfly tattoos is somewhere hidden, like on your hips, they look really sexy there.

7. Swallows

One of the most traditional tattoos, swallows is the symbol of spring and they look really pretty. They also represent everlasting love and hope. Usually, they are seen on the lower back or the scapula. Tattoos that carry some meaning are always attractive. Here is a cute temporary tattoo if you loved the idea of getting these elegant birds inked on your skin.

8. Texts

Thanks to Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox, texts tattoos have become hugely popular among the girls and boys.  Choose your text carefully, don’t make it too long, and pick a nice font. Go for texts that are close to your heart or something that reflects a story.

9. Dreamcatcher

Another tattoo made famous by celebrity Dreamcatcher is one of the most beautiful tattoos to have, thanks to Miley Cyrus, by the way. They are symbolic, beautiful and attractive. Dreamcatcher catches all your dreams, and it traps bad ones in its web and passes on the good ones to you.

10. Feathers

Last on our list is the cute and charming feather tattoos. Whether they carry a specific meaning or the way they simply look, feather tattoos look good on all. However watch out for the meaning, as a cross feather represents death in many mythologies, and a dove feather represents peace and serenity.


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