10 superb long hair updos for men


10 superb long hair updos for men

Gone are the days when hair styles meant only for women. Men hairstyles and hair does are trending in an extravagant range currently. From short to long to very long, men are flaunting in an ample number of hairstyles.

In an attempt to change the stereotype hairstyles for men, men of this age are making efforts to grow long hair and pin it up in the most unique and peculiar manner.

Here are the top 10 most popular and trending long hair updosfor men.

The French braid

Men with braids look really attractive and steal the eyes. Make a side cut and start braiding from the centre, taking each strand with each braid that you make and finally, tighten it with a band at the end. This long hair updo will be the coolest and fashionable for any men with long hair.

Braid and bun it up

This hairstyle is something common, but the bun part in a braid makes it all new and cool. Sidecut is important for this style of long hair updo. Comb well your hair and divide it into several parts. Start braiding each section separately from the scalp till the end. Pull all the plaits together and curl it up into a classy bun. You can also plait it as a French braid or fishtail braid instead of a normal one.

The curly tails

Not only men with long, silky and straight hairs can flaunt in ponytails. Men with a wavy hair comb several times till it straightens up a bit and pull it together and secure it with a hairband. If you have got crazy curls, then it would look adorable on you. Curl the hair that is in the pony and makes it look messy to get astunning look.

The classy bun

Long hair updos are incomplete without a bun. Pull all the hair at the back in a ponytail. Twist it with little loosening and roll it into a bun and secure it with a hairband. Pull the bun out a little bit to give it a messy look which adds theseductive look to the bun. Pull out a strand of hair in the front and allow it to free flow on your face it gives a smoky look to your hair do.

The semi bun

Unlike the full bun, the half bun gives you a look of both ponytail and bun. Pull all your hair into a ponytail and strengthen it with a band. Make sure you don’t end up in a full tail. Before you secure your last round in the band, leave it off half the way, with the end of the hair left out. Crunch the ends to give it a thickening look.

The full plaits

If you have got real long hair that can be well plaited, then this is going to be the best long hair updo for you. You can do the normal plait with three strands or try the latest fishtail. All you got to do is, part your hair into two sections, and start bringing the strand of hair from the far end of left to the right side part and vice versa. Repeat the same till the end and secure it with a band.

The double ponytail

Scroll over the day with a high and low ponytail. Part your hair into two sections as upper and lower one. Comb the upper section and make a high ponytail. Pull out the hair that has been secured in the front a little to live a puffy and imperfect look. Now secure the lower pony with a band and comb well. Pull out a strand of hair on both the sides and let one play over your face and the other strand at the back of your ear to get the perfect, imperfect look.

The dreadlocked hairdo

Who said that dreadlock hairstyles are restricted to women? Go out with the best long hair updo with the dreadlock hairstyle. To give an edge to the dreadlock look, shave the bottom part of your hair with side cut and make the dreadlocks long and tight enough for it looks all high and perfect.

The inverted braid

Having long hair is of no use when you don’t give it time to do long hair updos and smack it up to the world.Shave your back hair in a V shape. Start doing a French braid from the bottom of your head. Do a bottom up plaiting till half way to your head and pull out the entire hair and make it as a bun. Ensure that the braid is seen well and the bun is secured tight and high.

The artistic tail

All you got to do to get the coolest look with your long hair is that, get a side cut and shave the bottom part of your hair so that the bunch of hair that you have is in the middle centre alone. Gel it up well and comb extremely clean and make a ponytail with a hair band which ends up like a bun type. You can also make artistic designs in the side cuts and back shaves to add a fashionable look to your long hair updo.

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