Things that we desperately want to tell our parents but don’t


A parent is an epitome of love, affection and caring. They give us everything without expecting anything in return. If you ask any child this question that who was your first best friend the answer will be parents only. The relationship between a child and a parent is the most beautiful relation of this world as it is not based on any conditions as relationships have become in the present world. Since the day we enter this world they become our lover, caretaker, teacher, guide, and we share every minute thing but as we grow there is some twist, turns and a gap is bridged in our relationship. It’s not the same as it was earlier may be because of the generation gap, lack of understanding, pressure, expectations, etc. But its true that we stop exchanging the same bond which we used to share at the beginning of our relation with them.

Parents are the most important part of our life, and with the growing age there are many things that we want to share with them, but we don’t share. But,they forget that their expectations and pressure is creating trouble for their child. If you are also dealing with same issues, then please try to gather the courage to tell our parents.


1. Express your love


Today we feel hesitated to express our sincere love which we have for our parents as we found it awkward to share such gestures. We can say I Love You to our friends every day, but we can’t recall that when we said them, I Love You or even hug. We should exchange such feelings frequently as this will strengthen our bond.

2. Want to talk about love life


We fail to discuss our love life with them. There is an existence of fear inside the child that how their parents are going to react if they will discuss their love affair. Life would have been more natural and exciting if we could share with our parents that whom we like or dating. Our life with your parents would be transparent, and it would not have shocked them to know about your love life from others. They will be best guides to show you the right path and solve your problems and overcome a breakup.

3. Personal space


No doubt, our parents want everything best for us, and they try to protect us before we fall. We feel lucky them but there comes a time when they forget that personal space is also much needed. We feel shy to ask them for the same.

4. Different visions


More than half population of the youngsters are dealing with this issue. They don’t have the courage to tell their parents that what they want to become. They fear to say no that their interests are different from what they want their child to be. There’s nothing bad if you want to become writer or dancer and not a doctor or engineer.

5. Pressure for study


Our parents want us to excel in our academics so that we have a bright future ahead, but they forget that we are already dealing with pressure in our schools and peer groups. In such conditions, they are not capable of dealing with the extra pressure that comes from parents.

6. Sorry


When we hurt our friends, we find several ways to tell them sorry and get back again. Same we hurt our parents many times, but we feel hesitated to express that we are sorry for our act and behaviour.

7. Hate over expectation


You fail to tell them that you hate their over expectation from them in anything. It creates a lot of pressure on us.

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