Seven Biggest Factors Which Increase a Man’s Sex Market Value

Sex Market Value

Everything in this world comes with a value whether it is home, things, or bank accounts. We live in a crazy world where even sex has a market value like all other things. A man’s market value is not dependent on how attractive and cool they look; it is important but more than that what you serve in a sexual relationship matters. If you want your relation to long last, it is necessary to know your sexual value. Dear man if you are interested in date someone who is 21 then you have to be 20 at least. The sexual market value of a person has high longevity with every stage of life he is the factors changes. During his youth appearance and body fitness is enough to maintain SVM, but as he grows older, all these things do not work. What helps him to keep his SVM high is status and income. There are various factors which maximize or minimize your sexual market value, and it is based on the actions of the life. So, if you are interested in increasing your market value then try your best to look best.


Be Confident and Charming

Sex Market Value

The first thing you have to take care is your confidence and charm. If you want to win the game, then make sure that you are confident and charming because this characteristic attracts women a lot. Girls want men who are confident and know who they are and what they are doing. Moreover, the charm is another factor which boosts your SVM try to speak the word which they want to hear, give a compliment, etc.

Selfless Love and Support

Sex Market Value

Try to love your lady selflessly and provide her support because a girl is attracted to a man who stands by them in every ebb and flow. Try to make her believe that you are there for her in every right or wrong situation. You have to be her backbone and if needed fight for her. If you are a real boyfriend, this will increase your sexual market value.

Please Her In Bed By Doing Things Which She Likes

Sex Market Value

This is one of the important factors to keep in mind that how you pleases your women in bed. If you are assuming that women don’t care about these things, then you are wrong. More you will be giving in the bedroom the highest will be your SVM. Try to do things which make her feel good on the bed as this will attract women towards you more and will help you to increase your sexual market value. Try out today!


Sex Market Value

With the growing age, status is something which increases your sexual market value. Girls love men who are powerful and acquire some position. So always make sure you are correctly maintaining your position as it reflects her societal status and increases your sexual market value.


Sex Market Value

Maintaining your looks is important. Your style and dress should be according to what suits you. Try to stand out from the crowd and look different as this will increase your sexual market value. If you are following others style, then stop it today and style according to what works for you.


Sex Market Value

Women are very concerned about their security. Make her feel that you can take care of her very well. If you want to be on the top list, then work hard earn as much as you can as this attract women and increases your sexual market value. Always make her feel that she is unique and special Moreover she is investing her time with someone who is as special as her.


Sex Market Value

Exercise is important because it enhances your look and fitness which results in your high sexual market value. Girls don’t like man who physically not fit and has a weird body shape. So if you are not fit then start workout from today.

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