10 things you must know about a Scorpio woman



A Scorpio woman is born between 24 October- 22 November. She is not easy to understand, and you should never take her lightly, but she is quite similar to a Scorpio man. A Scorpio personality represents the depth of emotions. She can be a bit cranky at times, but she is very soft hearted and sensitive. Many people judge a Scorpio woman wrongly, but that’s not how she is. Here are 10 Scorpio characteristics and Scorpio personality traits you must know about-



Respect is very important to a Scorpio girl. If you don’t respect her, she won’t let you come close to her. If you respect her, then she will respect you in return, but without respect, she won’t even come to talk to you.


A Scorpio woman is very sensitive from inside. She may seem tough and hard from the outside, but she is very soft from inside. She will always think about others and their well-being before her own. She will never want to harm anybody who is close to her and will care whole heartedly.


A Scorpio woman will always prefer honesty and loyalty over cheating. She would appreciate if you are honest with her. If you ever try to cheat or betray her, then she can totally forget about you. She will never want to be with the ones who are not honest to her because she is brutally honest about everything.

Small talks

A Scorpio woman hates small and meaningless talks. She will always prefer deep and insightful conversations. Small gossips will always bore and irritate her. She adores the one who has deep and meaningful conversations with her.


A Scorpio woman will love her partner deeply and honestly. She will never let go of him in any condition. If she loves you, then she will love you forever. Her love is genuine and rare. She has an unwavering approach to romance and will hold on to people she loves.


A Scorpio woman is demanding. If she wants something, then she will get it at any cost. She will not compromise with her choices. She has a unique taste in everything and is very selective and choosy. So if she wants something she will do anything to get that thing.


A Scorpio woman is a keen observer. She will take details of every issue person within minutes. She can even spot a speck which may not be visible to others. She will always pass good judgements about issues, and individuals as her observing power are the best. A Scorpio woman is blessed with the power of intuitions and observations. She has a great memory. She will remember every tiny thing you have ever done for her.

Decision making

A Scorpio woman makes the right decisions at the right time. She will always solve your problems and save you from making hasty decisions. She will always make smart decisions after analysing everything about the situation. Her decisions are also worth the praise. She will also stand out of the crowd.


A Scorpio woman doesn’t need anybody to look after her constantly. She can take care of herself well enough in every situation. She loves her freedom and hates it when people tell her what to do. She will always dream big and is very ambitious.

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