Bathtubs are a symbol of luxury and could completely transform any bathroom. While showers are for cleaning, bathtubs are for relaxing and rejuvenating – a reward for a hard day’s work. Installing a designer freestanding bath into a bathroom allows someone to sit back, relax, meditate, and enjoy a personal experience. The appeal has made bathtub manufacturers work double-time in creating bathtubs of different styles, shapes, features, and designs that could fit any preference and budget. 


Benefits of a hot bath

The Japanese tradition of soaking in a hot tub every night or the Roman bath-houses of ancient times may have influenced the longstanding practice of bath time. The process itself has been proven to be beneficial to one’s health, which is why these porcelain-like tubs remain in many homes. Here are some scientifically-proven health benefits of taking a hot bath. 

It can lower your blood sugar.

In a study conducted by the Ph.D. students at Loughborough University, they found out that a hot bath can effectively control one’s blood sugar control and on the energy the body expends. In the said study, 14 men were asked to soak themselves in a hot bath for at least an hour. For each session, the number of calories they burned was recorded, along with their blood sugar measure every 24 hours after each session. The results revealed that bathing could let you burn as many calories as you can burn walking for half an hour. Their blood sugar levels also showed positive results. 

It allows you to sleep faster. 

As you enter a bathtub with warm water, your body’s temperature increases, and your muscles are being relaxed. These will not soothe you mentally but also physically. All you need is 20 minutes before you can feel the strong urge to sleep. Not only that, in a study among female insomniacs, it was proven that a warm bath before bedtime could also improve the overall quality of your sleep. 

With these, you now have more reasons to enjoy that designer freestanding bath you have been wanting to buy and take home. A word of caution, though. Be careful not to fall asleep on the tub.  

Your blood pressure can be lowered, too.

Dr. Vienna Brunt, along with four other medical researchers, was able to prove that passive heat therapy, like taking a warm bath or soaking oneself on a hot tub, can significantly lower one’s blood pressure. Their eight-week heat therapy trial showed how the said therapy positively impacted a person’s vascular functions. Being such, they recommended that it can be a feasible supplementary treatment option for people with cardiovascular conditions. 

Before and after Dr. Brunt’s research, various researches already proved the efficacy of a hot water bath in lowering a person’s blood pressure. Then again, it is not advisable to self-medicate. Always refer to your cardiologist before trying taking a warm bath, as this may also increase your heartbeat rate. If your doctor gives you the go signal, then you can enjoy its many benefits along with keeping your blood pressure down. 

The Takeaway 

Although bathtubs are expensive or complicated to choose and install, they are designed to last for many years. With this benefit alone, you can say that it is a wise investment. And if you add all these outstanding scientifically-backed benefits to the bathtub’s durability, you can say that every dime you spend for that bathtub will surely be worth it. 

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