Electrical Check-ups: When Do You Need Them?


Home maintenance goes beyond clipping the lawn and repainting the house every few years. You, your property and your family deserve better. It’s also important to lift the proverbial hood of your house and carry out periodic checks and maintenance work. 

A homeowner must make sure that even the parts of the home that are not as visible are prioritized as well. A big part of the job is electrical safety, which should be done by someone who has the expertise and requisite tools, like a professional electrician for homeowners

Safety standards recommend that a house’s electrical system gets checked every ten years. A rented residential property needs it every five years, while a business property has to have an annual electrical safety assessment. 

But are there other times when you need to have an electrical safety check outside of the usual periodic maintenance? Here are a few of them: 


Before Buying a House

You like the house, and it is a steal. Now, before you get the money ready to close the deal, don’t forget the practical bits of the house buying process, like checking if the house’s electrical installations are up to code. 

Sometimes, a seller would include a pre-purchase general safety inspection. However, you have to make sure that this was done by experts. A good seller would not hesitate to provide the company that performed the checks. Do your homework. Research if the electrician has the proper accreditations. 

If there was no inspection done, then it’s up to you to sort out the issue. You have to get a professional for this as you might not know what to do and what not to do. Bring this fact up upon price negotiations. You may get a discount for having the task passed down to you. 

This goes the same for buying a used house, especially if the house is over 25 years old. Old, unmaintained wiring is a common cause of house fires. So it’s recommended to be vigilant.

Before and After an Extreme Weather Event

If you’re not confident that your electrical system and the measures that keep them intact are up to the challenge of a hurricane, then an inspection is in order. These days, people get notified of approaching lousy weather days ahead. There’s hardly any excuse not to have a check-up performed.

It’s also advisable to have a check-up done even if the electrical systems of your house held up to make sure that everything is in order, even more so if there is apparent damage to any part of the house.

After an Earthquake

Earthquakes can knock loose or sever electrical installations, compromising safety and functionality. Even if there is no visible damage after the event, you should have your entire house checked by an electrician who would know what to look for no matter how small it is. 

If You Notice Obvious Issues

Do you notice any glaring issues in the house, such as a flickering light? New or old, your house needs an electrical check-up if you experience even the smallest of issues. It might be a minor fix, or it could be symptoms of severe underlying conditions. It’s still a good thing to call an electrician for homeowners that have some property maintenance know-how because it saves time and assures that everything is done up to standards. Please do not risk it and call the pros. 

Electrical work, even if it’s just for your home, is hazardous. Wearing gloves, having a toolbox, and watching tutorial videos do not make one an expert. Getting the aid of qualified electricians would not only maintain your house’s integrity but also you and your family’s safety as well. 

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