Here is the shocking reason why your body suddenly jerks when you are falling asleep

Here is the shocking reason why your body suddenly jerks when you are falling asleep

Do you feel the bumps in your body when you are falling asleep, and it suddenly awakes you again? Sometimes these bumps are caused by the sensations of falling in your dreams. While you are dreaming and then suddenly you fall in the dreams these are those jerks. These jerks are known as hypnic jerks, and almost 70% of people experience this.

These jerks occur during a period of being awake and asleep, and it is called the hypnogogic stage. It is the stage where you feel a little drowsy, and your thoughts mingle into dreams. During these jerks, you are not even sure if you are awake o sleeping.

The bumps can be caused by an involuntary muscle jerk or are due by the external sound and light. These jerks are nothing to worry about; these jerks are just the brain’s reaction when the muscles begin to relax and loosen up. The brain mistakes it as the signal that the body is falling and tries to protect and stop the body to fall.
In some cases, it can happen because of some worrying and stress issues. One more cause of these jerks is anxiety that a person is facing. Fear disturbs a person’s sleep, and the hypnic jerks vary according to the stress level.

Another cause for these jerks is the sleeping disorders such as Narcolepsy. Watching late night shows or staying up till late night can cause changes in Neurotransmission when the nerves misfire and this leads to hypnic jerks.
These jerks can also occur because of the restless leg syndrome which causes uncomfortable sensations in your leg. There are many causes for these hypnic jerks such as alcohol, lack of sleep, diabetes and much more.

There is no solution to eliminate these hypnic jerks as it happens at night when the brain decreases its activity. Some people do not even realise that they had hypnic jerks at night and their partners or the person sleeping next to them tell them in the morning. Having too much caffeine can ruin your sleep, and if you want to eliminate the jerks at night, then you have to improve your sleep cycle.
There are extreme cases when people have trouble with falling asleep, or they continuously wake up at night. These jerks are not much painful, but it happens to many individuals out there. So there is nothing to worry about.

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