Countries Where Boobs Are More Dangerous Than Guns



After reading this topic ” Boobs are more dangerous than guns “, one can have a good laugh for some time, as it’s technically weapons which should be more dangerous, but there are some countries in this world where boobs are more dangerous than guns. Do you about some surprising things a woman must never do to her breasts?

There are some laws which enforce harsh and severe measures on the matters of public decency like nudity. Unfortunately, some countries are governed by the males who use boobs as a weapon rather than using a gun. Showing off the boobs is illegal like using a weapon in some countries.

Here is a list of some countries where breasts are more dangerous than guns-


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Brazil is one of the leading countries for the stunning women but if they try to show off even a little bit of their breasts than they could end up in prison. Their time in jail can last from 3 months to a year or two. Nudity is not legal in Brazil, and it can enforce harsh measures. Wanna go to nude parties? Here are some options you have.

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