These Dark Secrets Of The Hospitality Industry Can Make Your Eyes Filled With Tears

These Dark Secrets Of The Hospitality Industry Can Make Your Eyes Filled With Tears

Hotels are fun to stay in and enjoy your holidays. You don’t have to worry about anything, from food to laundry cleaning everything is taken care of. The staff is polite and helps everybody who stays in the hotel. They make everybody have the nicest time of their lives during their stay in the hotel, but there are some things which the hotel staff has to go through after serving different kinds of guests in the hotel. Here are some dark secrets of the hospitality industry which can make your eyes filled with tears.

A worker confessed that he worked in a five-star hotel which is located in central Hong Kong; they have to comply with the entire request for the guests who are considered a VIP. The staff said that they have to contact with local triads when a guest needs prostitution. He stated that he simply needs to make a phone and the girls are delivered faster than the pizza.

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Here is the secret of another staff about their guests. The staff was working on an evening shift and he checked-in a guest then they had a nice chat about how the guest was a good photographer. After few hours, the staff saw a pretty girl walk in the hotel from the back door. When the staff got suspicious and searched for the guest on Facebook, he found out that his profile was full of pornographic photos of the girls from their hotel.

The staff confessed that while working six months ago, a guest hanged himself in the room and that guest was found by the cleaner. The hotel was empty at that time, so they tried to keep it a secret and called the police. The police arrived and took the body without giving any other guests idea about what was going on?

One more staff confessed that once a large party came late night at the hotel and they all went in their rooms. Then after some time, the desk person got a call that one woman’s boyfriend has locked her in the room completely naked. The girlfriend slept on the couch and peed and threw on it. It is one of the most disgusting secrets you will read.

Staff from another hotel said that one time a guest called me in their room after ordering pizza and showed me that there was hair all over the pizza. No chef or staff had that kind of hair in the hotel. So, it was clear that it was the guest’s hair. Don’t you find it disgusting?

A staff once confessed that whenever any guest is rude to him, he puts them in the worst possible room available in the hotel. Some staffs also rate their guests on the scale of zero to ten for a service; they did not try.

There are much more things that happen in the hospitality industry which is not known by others. The worst part is some people have to tolerate it from the staff, and some employees have to tolerate it because of their guests. There are many guests who do disappointing and filthy things in the hotel which the hotel staff has to clear and apparently they feel nasty about it and who doesn’t?

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