Ten Signs Your Girl Is With You Only For Money

Ten Signs Your Girl Is With You Only For Money

Every woman loves to spend their life lavishly in a big mansion.  With all the ease in the world. Also, every person likes to work their ways out in some sort to make enough money to live a comfortable life. Some women should be appreciated because they make their way to it, but some woman finds an easier way. By digging the pockets of rich man, they don’t want to work hard, and they only jump in the from the pockets of one rich man to another. Such women are a pro at extracting the money out of men.

Here are some ways in which you can find out if your lady is a gold digger or just gold.

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    Too many urgencies

We all have some urgent circumstances every now and the in a while, but if your girls have these issues being popped up now and then, then maybe she is all about your money. She is just using her charm to get what she needs.

  1. Lavish lifestyle

If your girl has an extraordinarily lavish lifestyle for her small income that she makes, then maybe it is all the piled up stock from her ex-relationships, which you might be asked to add in the future.

  1. Date night-shopping?

If for her, a date night means shopping and if she feels that it’s your duty to pay for her shopping then you have nothing to doubt. But to run away from her this instant because she is using you only for your large bank balance.

  1. Spaces and galaxies

If she always needs her space to breathe in and she feels that you are eating up her time. Then clearly you are not the one she wants far-reached things . She is just using you for stacks of money.

  1. Too Hot and cold

She is too hot and cold. She turns your life all up and down and leaves you for a better future. As soon as you get back on your track, she enters a door with a bang and turns your life all topsy-turvy yet again. She tries to see all her available option from time to time and utilise the best one, but she comes back when you are number one on her list.

  1. Credit card test

Give her your credit card, and let her go shopping and see what way it goes? If you receive a big bill, then you have the answer to all your questions. If you still don’t receive a big bill, well, then she is a keeper.

  1. Broke test

Test her by saying you are broke. You lost it all, but you promise to keep her happy. Tell her you will provide enough for you two to eat a square meal. Watch out for her a reaction, if she is only after your money, then she will walk away. But if she really has something in her heart for you, then she is definitely going to stick with you through your bad and good times.

  1. Her happy moments

Observe her carefully and find out what are her happy moments. When is she happy the most? When she sees you or when she sees a gift in your hand?  Is it the worldly things that make her happy? Or is it your presence and love that brings shine to her eyes? Take her on shopping, she if she is happiest then, or while spending alone time with you. Try and look beneath the surface.

  1. Vent machine?

Does all your conversations ad your life revolves around her? It’s always about her and her life and nothing else. When it comes to you or your life issues, she changes the topic saying “let’s talk about something else”. A girl who is comfortable only in her company and wishes to only choose herself over anything else is surely using you as a stand-in pastor. She has no emotional attachment to you and neither does she intend to have any in future.

  1. Figuring out her career

If she says that she is still trying to figure out what she wants to do in her life, while comfortably eating off your sofa, this means she has no intentions what-so-ever ever to work. She is just digging her way into your gold to get all her luxuries for her elite lifestyle

Finding a gold digger is easy, but finding your true soul mate is important. So try and answer these few questions before taking things too seriously and falling into the web of that money schemer.

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