10 reasons why Amma’s death has made the whole South India weep into tears

10 reasons why Amma's death has made the whole South India weep into tears

After entering in politics, Jayalalitha has done so much for the society that people are crying into tears after her death. She served the South Indian society so well that people used to consider her their ‘Amma’.  Today her contributions hold a huge place in people’s heart. Here are ten reasons why Amma’s death has made the whole south India weep into tears.


Rainwater harvesting

The Tamil Nadu experiment with the alternative water conservation technique of rainwater harvesting is a success story. Jayalalitha launched the rain water harvesting scheme which helped the people in the water-starved regions such as Chennai and many more cities.

Stabilised power situation

Power cuts were significant problems in villages across the state, and it was the power cuts for more than 12 hours. Many small industries were shut down due to the inadequate power supply. Jayalalitha tackled this problem by giving a high solar energy system in the state. The problems were cut short, and people were relieved.

Gold scheme for women

Jayalalitha introduced the gold plan to provide the gold Mangal Sutra and also by conducting financial assistance for conducting a marriage ceremony. According to the study, 4 grams of gold with Rs 25,000 were given to 86,676 educated poor women. She was also lauded for ensuring the massive investment of attracting close to 2.42 lakh crore in investments in the global investors meet.

Library turned children’s hospital

Jayalalitha took the initiative to turn the Anna Centenary Library into a children’s hospital. Then after some years she announced the proposal to convert the new Legislature and Secretariat complex into a multi-specialty hospital and medical college.

People friendly welfare schemes

Jayalalitha also launched various projects under the brand ‘amma’ which reinforced her brand equity. These projects included a low-cost canteen, health insurance, free laptops, salt, vegetable shops and many more facilities. There were some measures which also attracted the woman voters.

Maintaining the law and order

Jayalalitha gave a free hand to the state police, significant sections of people to agree on the maintenance of law and order during her tenure. She made everything follow legislation and rule effectively during her times in politics.

The cradle baby scheme

Tamil Nadu

Jayalalitha started a project in 1992 in the towns and villages across Tamil Nadu. In this project, parents were allowed to hand over their newborns to the cradle baby centres as they were well equipped with new sheets, beds and many other facilities.

Phased prohibition

Jayalalitha also cut down the number of liquor outlets and ordered the closure for 500. Then she cut down the shop timings from 10 am to 12 noon. The other parties called it a total ban to Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation but Jayalalitha pushed for a phased prohibition.

The Mullaperiyar dam

The Supreme Court held that the 120-year-old dam is safe and allowed Tamil Nadu to raise the water level. It was operated by the Tamil Nadu government, and it helped many agricultural communities because of Jayalalitha.

These are some great contributions Jayalalitha made during her time in politics and helped the society. She helped and made some significant changed in Tamil Nadu, which is now weeping into tears for the Great Amma.


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