10 things to keep September zodiac sign happy

things to keep September zodiac sign happy


10 things to keep September zodiac sign happy

The September zodiac sign is Virgo, which is an Earth sign. The ruling planet of Virgo is mercury which makes the Virgo men and Virgo women very efficient in their communication skills. Virgo gives their 100 percent to everything- from their work to their relationships. Knowing about Virgo traits, you can know a great deal about impressing the people having September zodiac sign.

#1 Accept their brutally honest behaviour

Virgo men and women are often characterised by their brutally honest nature. This trait of the people with September zodiac sign could often hurt others. This Virgo trait is considered to be rude by others. However, if you are trying to make a Virgo happy, you have to accept that their intention is not to be harsh with anyone. It’s just that they are extremely straight forward. Accepting their direct nature could help you a great deal in making Virgos happy.

#2 Be honest

As said earlier, honesty is an important Virgo characteristic. Not only do the Virgos want you to accept their honest behaviour, but they also want you to be honest as well. Be honest about yourself while talking to a Virgo. Virgo personalities avoid being with people who keep beating around the bush. You have a long way to go with a Virgo if you are direct and down to earth in your conversational approach.

#3 Be real with your emotions

Virgo has a great capacity to detect fake emotions in no time. They are totally against falseness. They will develop a pretentious image of yours in their mind, and you will face a lot of trouble rectifying your image. They don’t like handling fake emotional issues. In fact, it would be better if you keep your emotional issues to yourself during the initial days of your friendship with a Virgo. Instead, you can try talking about sensible issues like life, philosophy, health, etc.

#4 Do not waste- both time and money!

Virgo personalities are extremely punctual and like to be with people who value their time. They show a lot of appreciation for punctuality. If you always show up on time, you have already come half way in making people of September zodiac sign happy. Virgos hate wasting money so they cannot be flattered by buying them expensive gifts. Instead, you can spend the money on charity to please a Virgo.

#5 Pay attention to little details

Virgo men and women have the habit paying attention to minute details. One of the Virgo characteristics is that they tend to be happier in an organised environment. If you are trying to make someone having September zodiac sign happy to make sure you are well organised. A messy home or workplace really upsets Virgo personalities. Virgos like people who keep their surroundings clean. They are always looking for ways through which they could make their surroundings look perfect.

#6 Deal with their emotions calmly

You have to be consistent with your efforts if you are trying to make anemotional connection with a Virgo. Virgo personalities take a lot of time to show their emotions in front of others. Virgo men and women often find it difficult to express their feelings. You must realise that they respect your efforts, but they don’t know how to complement you. You should be very supportive with Virgos and help them express their feelings.

#7 Focus on your appearance

You need to devote much time to your appearance if you are trying to make a Virgo happy. Virgo men and women are likely to get attracted towards well-dressed people. Your look should be classy and dignified if you are trying to make a September zodiac sign happy. Pay special attention to your hygiene and neatness. As said earlier, Virgos notice every little detail and even slight stain on your clothes could annoy them.

#8 Talk and act sensibly

Virgos are often characterised by their sensibility. They prefer being around people having sensible nature. Virgos are workaholic and are extremely passionate towards their profession. They put their heart and soul to their work. So, if you are leading an unhappy professional life or you are unhappy with your boss, it would be better if you don’t complain about it to a Virgo. Virgos hate people constantly complaining about their work. You should talk about your passion and dreams with a Virgo, or you could ask about his future plans. You should show your intelligence by speaking on trendy topics. Do not fight over little issues with a Virgo as he may consider it a stupid act and a waste of time.

#9 Stay faithful to them

Virgos dedicate themselves to their relationships and are truthful to every commitment they make. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they expect the same faithfulness in return. Virgos hate to be cheated.

#10 Appreciate them

Virgos are usually not confident of their abilities. They can become really self-conscious and insecure sometimes. You should constantly appreciate them to make them confident in their abilities. You have to make them believe how amazing they are and what they mean to you. However be very sure of not flooding them with fake compliments. They will figure it out and feel embarrassed of themselves. Fake compliments are something you should stay away while talking to someone having September zodiac sign.

In spite of few drawbacks, Virgos are the best people to be around. They will remain true to you, and you could make them happy by being your original self.


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