10 Things Every Indian, In Fact, The Whole World Must Learn From The Sikh

10 Things Every Indian, In Fact, The Whole World Must Learn From The Sikh

Sikhism was founded in the 15th century, and it is the fifth-largest religion in the world. The community was developed through the teachings of ten Sikh Gurus who were incredibly inspiring, and they always motivated everybody. Sikhism is the belief in the concept of one God, and it teaches more about equality and the community. Here are ten things every Indian, in fact, the whole world must learn from the Sikh.


Never forget the poor

While you all are busy in your life, never forget about the poor people. Wherever you are, feed the poor so that they can live their life. It is the kindest thing a person can do. Feeding the poor is a good deed, and you will feel happy and satisfied after doing this kind thing.

Remove these evils from your life

Remove these five sins from your life, and you will have a peaceful and happy life. The five sins are ego, anger, greed, attachment and lust. If you destroy these five evils, then your sufferings will come to an end, and you will have a happy and satisfied life. Always stay happy with whatever you have.

Women and men, both are equal

There are different rules for males and females in other religions, but we should learn the lesson of equality from the Sikhs. They used to treat both men and women equally. Women were openly allowed to sing and praise in religious gatherings.

Be selfless

Be a person who is more concerned about the needs and wishes of others rather than your own. A selfless act is an act of devotion. Guru Nanak also believed in the concept of the selfless service as he thought that it was a way of life.


Sikh loves to travel. They will always teach you how to be a wanderer. Travelling makes you gain a lot of knowledge, and you learn a lot from your journeys. You can visit as many cities, towns or villages you want to. You will always gain more and more knowledge.

One God

Sikh believes that ‘There is neither Hindu nor Muslim’ and you should believe in one God. Separating people into different categories of religion is an awful thing to do. So, believe in one God and worship that God. Sikhs also believe that you should always pray one God as it is worthless following different idols.

Find a guru

Sikh religion will also teach you to believe in one Guru and follow him as you always need a mentor to guide you on how to live and dream right. Living your life in a proper manner is imperative. Your Guru will guide you in many things in your life.


Sikhs believe in justice. They believe in treating everybody equally and serving them equally. In this world, everybody has similar rights. We should learn to give respect to people, stay impartial and have a fair- mind like all the people in the Sikh religion.

Speak the truth

Always tell the truth, no matter whatever situation you face. According to the Sikh Guru’s speaking the truth without any fear is a wise thing to do. Speaking false statement and suppressing the truth is a way of cheating others. You should always stick with the truth.

Simplicity is the best

We should also learn to appreciate our life from the Sikh religion. We should always share with the ones who need it, make an honest and wise living and always remember the God. Simplicity is beautiful and the best quality.

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