10 perfect destinations in India for an amazing bachelor/bachelorette party

perfect destinations in India for an amazing bachelorette party

The countdown to your friend’s wedding has begun. But before that, as a friend it is your sole responsibility to make his/her remaining single days memorable. Yes, it is time for the bachelor/bachelorette party! And this party should be so mind-blowing that it should stick with him/her forever. And if you are confused about where to have a bachelor/bachelorette party, don’t worry we got you covered.

We present you a list of places in India that are perfect for a bachelor/bachelorette party –


1. GOA

The name says it all. Party all night, try some lip-smacking local cuisine and try out the things that have a “No” label on them, in short, go wild. Because we all know it “What happens in Goa, stays in Goa.” Isn’t that right, folks? Oh, don’t miss the Butterfly Island near Palolem. You can thank us later.


2. Ladakh

I bet this one has always been on the bucket list of many, especially boys, and now is your ultimate chance to cross it off the list. Because once you get married the chances of your taking an adventurous road bike trip with your folks to Ladakh or basically anywhere are not so good. So what you are waiting for? Get your gang, fuel up your bikes and head out on this once in a lifetime road trip that will make your bachelor party mind blowing.


3. Kasol

There are some of you who’d just chill and pump joint with their homies rather than making a hectic travel tour to luxury place. And I don’t think there is a better place to chill out than at the Parvati valley amongst the greenery. Hit the road and find some calm spot down the valley like Katagla and Chalal for a bit of seclusion and simply enjoy the bliss.


4. Ziro Valley

Far from the rush of the city, Ziro Valley is a striking beauty in Andhra Pradesh. If your bachelor party is during the time of festivals at Ziro then folks you are in for a once in a lifetime experience. Take a break from all the back breaking wedding preparations and head to the Ziro valley. Your mind needs this place.


4. Pondicherry

If beaches and crowded pubs are not your friend’s thing, then head out to Pondicherry which is known for its immaculate beaches. The French Quarters, Auroville, and the beaches are some of the great places there to just relax with your folks. Ditch the car and cycle your way around, this is one of the best ways to explore Pondicherry. A perfect way to take a break from your usual life.


5. Kudle and Manipal

Are you a beach lover or an adventure buzz? Then one of our recommended picks for you is the Kudle an Udupi beach stretch. Hit Kudle and enjoy the late night bashes and spontaneous jam sessions on the beach. You will also so find some interesting flea market that happens almost every other day at the beach. After you have enjoyed your party at the Half Moon Beach or Paradise beach, roam around in these market and collect souvenir to take back home. Don’t forget to enjoy the local cuisine because they are absolutely delicious and enjoy the surfing as well.


6. Lakshadweep

Hire a yacht, stack it up with beers and sail out into the Arabian Sea. Do you enjoy Kayaking? Or many be Corning? How about scuba diving? It surely looked amazing in “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, now you could have a real life experience as well. Choose whatever you want, you would not be disappointed. And if you don’t know sailing, then there is a short course that you can sign in for at Kadmat, Lakshadweep.


7. Take Royal Ride on Maharaja Express

Before your friend gets hitched, give him/her a taste of royalty and take him/her on a trip in the Maharaja Express – India’s premium luxury train. This surpasses all when it comes to living like a King. Enjoy traditional greetings at the stations and a royal breakfast overlooking the Taj. Take a ride to live like a Maharaja.


8. Jaisalmer

What better place to enjoy a chilled out party with some close groups of friends, than in the dunes of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is a right spot to have camel rides and desolate dunes. And do not forget luxury camps under billion stars roof which offers the perfect blend of relaxation and luxury.


9. Mumbai

You must have expected this place on the list. Mumbai and its nightlife are very popular among the party freaks, and since we are talking about a nosh-up, we recommend you to head over to the city that doesn’t sleep. The locals there warm up to their kind, by which I mean party freaks. Party so hard that your Bachelor party becomes the talk of the town.


10. Solang Valley

Trek through the white snow, take a few days off to ski and snowboard down the Himalayan Mountain region in the Solang Valley. Away from all sort of electric networks and noisy city rush, this is one of the perfect places to escape with your buddies and spend a few days relaxing and exploring the nature.


Well, these are our picks for a bachelor/bachelorette party. Where would you go?

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