10 office jargons you must know

office jargons you must know

You have your dream job in your pocket, and you are off to a great start, but how are you going to reply when your boss says Drill Down? Of course, you will be little lost with such baseball kind of reference. Don’t worry most of us have been there.

Corporate world has its own language and when you step into it, it is natural to feel a little lost. While some office jargons are easy to catch, some may leave you wondering.

So to make things easier for you, we have come to the rescue with a list of famous office jargons that you need to know before you step into the corporate world. Not knowing them can make you feel like an outsider, do you want that? No, then scroll down!


Thought Shower- Brainstorming

The word “brainstorm” is now dejected, as people think that the term is insensitive to the people with epileptic, on the uncertain basis that epileptic attack is like a storm in the brain. People! In fact, a survey was conducted where people with epileptic were asked whether the word “brainstorming” make them feel offensive, a majority of them said no. Even so, people in the corporate world have started using the word thought shower and is one of the most used office jargons of all.

Drill Down- Look into the Details

We don’t know why managers choose metaphors that stir up the huge bit of phallic machinery when they can simply say look into the details. Drill down has a certain sense of information technology it implies to follow the hierarchical tree of a data-analysis menu down all the way through to the individual datum. So if your manager uses this phrase, don’t be afraid.

This idea has legs- Great idea

In a business world, there are many ways to say that it is a good idea, and one of the terms is “this idea has legs”. In fact, this phase not only means it just a good idea, but it is an idea that one can benefit from now and in the long run.

Al Desko- Eat at the desk

Al Desko is the term used when you have a meal at an office desk. Our sincere sympathies if it is dinner.  For instance, “I turned up late, so I will just have my breakfast, Al Desko.”

Singing from the same hymn sheet- overall agreement

If you are singing from the same hymn sheet, it means you are saying or agreeing upon the same thing.

Hot Desking- Sharing desks with colleagues

Some organisation routine involves co-workers using single workstation or surface during differed period. The main motive of hot desking is to reduce the cost by saving space, in fact, in some cases; hot desking can save up to 30% of space. This is common in the places where real estate prices are high.

Run this up the flagpole- Trying out an idea

Run this up the flagpole is one of the most clichéd jargons of all. Basically, it means “well it is not a bad idea, let’s give it a try’.  This phrase has been in the business for a long time now.

Touch Base offline- Meeting in person

Touch base offline simply means let’s meet and talk. Don’t be shocked, contrary to current convictions; there are still people out there who can talk without Wi-Fi signals. Really!

Get all your ducks in a row- Be organised

What can we say, managers get inspired by five-year-olds, of course, this is the only explanation we could draw out of this jargon. Anyways if the manager visits your desk and says get all your ducks in a row,  don’t scratch your head, just clean up your work, desk or whatever he implied.

Look under the bonnet- Analyse the situation

This phrase seems like they are asking you to look under your car’s bonnet, thank god we told you this one right? So now instead of running towards the car, you would get back to the actual work that this phrase asks you to do.

There you go; these were some of the famous office jargons that you should know before you start your job. Why are they so weird? Well, we don’t have the answer for that, but they are sure used a lot in the corporate world. Now you are all set, break a leg!


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