November Online shopping giants hope to curb year-end spending by 4% of ‘big sale ‘consumers


Discount events such as Singles Day and Black Friday are finally over. The official online sales season of 2018 is coming to the forefront to meet Australian consumers’ buying needs.

According to the price comparison site Finder, one Australian adult spends an average of $ 464 each Christmas season.

Another finding revealed this year is that 76% of consumers are looking for practical ways to reduce spending, including DIY futures.

51% of respondents say they are willing to lower their spending limit this year.

Finder’s Betsy Hassan public relations manager said, among other things, the best strategy to reduce spending is to plan early and make the most of the pre-Christmas sale.

According to him, ‘Singles’ Day, which came from China, is mainly for sale of personal items such as cosmetics and clothing, while Black Friday in the United States purchases large appliances such as refrigerators and TVs at low prices. It’s a good time to do it.

In fact, last year, Black Friday held a 30% discount on big brands such as Iconic, Sony, and eBay, which caught the attention of consumers.


[November Online Big Sale Event]

  • November 11: Single’s Day

The result of four overlapping numbers of 1’s, Singles Day is China’s largest shopping season, with Australia’s highest spending year after year.

  • November 13th: Click Frenzy

24-Hour Online Event Click Frenzy sale is modeled after America’s Cyber ??Monday. At the time of its first launch in 2012, the server was paralyzed by a congestion of visitors, earning the nickname ‘sale that stops a nation’.

It has grown in popularity every year, expanding to four major events such as April’s Click Frenzy Junior, May’s Mayhem and August’s Travel Frenzy, but November Click Frenzy is the largest.

  • November 23: Black Friday Black Friday,

Day after Thanksgiving is the biggest year of the year to mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season across the United States. In Australia, the attendance of the event has increased, with a record $ 200 million in spending on Black Friday last year.

  • November 26: Cyber ??Monday

The first Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, the event was a massive discount event created by the retail industry to stimulate consumer online shopping.

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