Why is online shopping so popular in Australia?


Australia’s conservative consumers, localized payment systems and delivery structures to improve the online buying crush growing out, a global marketplace prevailed fashion, home appliances, popular cosmetics items


5 Trends in the Australian Online Shopping Market

Online retail market scale FY 2017/18 based on 226 billion to the Australian dollar in the last 5 years inter- annual average of 13.2% of the growth recorded, the total retail market of about 20% occupied. Online shopping market growth led by 5 vs. trend is largely a new billing system , an online marketplace growing , mobile purchasing increases , online three days of the event the popular brands be available .

 1) Millennial generation of consumption led to payment systems

After Pei (After Pay), Straw page (ZipPay), the open page (Open Pay), etc. through payment after seongumae (Buy Now Pay Later) the as enables online purchasing promote

Seongumae after the payment service Millennial generations to consumers greater popular drag -line to the consumer market enabled to contribute, in the after-sales page if you sign up with the retailer with its own three days of the event proceeds that.

2017 years the whole online shopping of 7.7% is seongumae payment after the service took place two of fashion goods purchase half more than 57% of the after-sales page through payments, which last year compared to seven times longer, up I’m figures.

Current Australian 2 vs. department Meyer (Myer), David Jones (David Jones) and the large distributors store office work (Office works), Big W. (Big), Cosmetic Mall Sephora (Sephora), a representative online clothes shopping iconic (The Iconic) the other 1 10 000 8000 of retail in the store to pay after the payment is possible

2) Market led by Global Marketplace

Number of sellers are the things you sell can with eBay, Amazon, and as the marketplace is booming causes 2017 only in 74.8% the growth. 2017 years in Australia entered Amazon is the last 7 Mon. 1 from the date of the Australian Government Overseas fastball product for GST to the front while introducing Amazon Global web site through of Australians purchases prevented the customers’ request by 11 Mon. 22 from one again use can help connect. Online shopping market 35.4% is eBay, Amazon, Kogan, Catch and such a variety of categories of products to sell e-commerce business influence increasing trend

Existing online shopping mall a specific product focus, it focused faces now eBay, Amazon for including most of the Marketplace product line continued to expand and Catch of the cases handled product number 10 10 000 yisangim. Roy Morgan ‘s research in materials , according , eBay can Australians are the most frequent finding online shopping mall 4 weeks average 940 of ten thousand people a user to visit and Amazon are 465 ten thousand people , Kogan is 229 ten thousand people , Catch is 123 ten thousand people visit

3) Wireless Internet development in accordance with the mobile shopping growth

Internet environment development through completion of nationwide broadband network project and commercialization of 5G service by 2020. Australia is still slow wired internet at a speed of users complain the high side and the wireless communication if 2011 years the introduction of 4G technology with fast data transfer and downloads available. Consumer goods purchased before online research by comparing rates, Reviews, design, etc., while reference online platforms, the importance increases and SNS’s influence increased. A mobile phone product view and the purchase of two percentage 2016 years compared to 6% of the increase, while the computer via guayule is 11%, the reduction, online shopping five cases of one thing is the mobile to purchase true.

4) Development of Delivery System for Extensive Land

Australia has a population of about 90% are in urban living and wide to land because of inter-city distance away from the distribution costs high. The actual posting this city is 2 days ~ 5 days , outlying areas is 6 to 8 to be taken , such as poor a situation online from order to delivery time and effective customer service provided is important. EBay of the data,according, Australia baedalbi the UK, Germany 2 to the ship close to the United States than high pyeonim.

Expensive logistics costs due to different country than the consumer free shipping for a minimum order value for the understanding the high side or the baedalbi to be paid online for shopping the burden feels that the study found.

online shopping users in half over the delay in shipping , the shipping error problems experienced enemy ‘s Click & Collect as online ordering and then directly to the store to visit to pick up the option a large popular. Most of the online and offline from distributors for free Click & Collect service offers and online ordering After at least 30 minutes within receipt possible

5) Opening online shopping ahead of Christmas and Boxing Day

In Australia, 11 in January, starting in the US Black Friday is an Australian online shopping as a cultural place was captured various events through the consumption increase trend. Australia has traditionally Christmas day and a national holiday 12 Mon. 26 days on Boxing Day (Boxing Day) for the sale to the big promotions but online shopping market as activated online mainly be conducted three days the event a large popular

11 month 11 days Singles Day (Singles Day), 13 days best Click Frenzy deals23 days Black Friday , 26 days Cyber Monday (Cyber Monday) to the main line off the event flocked and especially 2017 years total online spend shopping of 16% of the black Friday three days.

Australia’s popular online shopping is fashion

No. 1 online sales, fashion 

Clothing,shoes,bags,accessories,sportswear, etc. are included fashion items 2017 years based on the total online sales of 35.6 percent for accounting and sales 1 up recording

2016 years compared to 27.2% a grown Australian consumers online apparel and footwear to buy things for the resistance, down to know you can, and men 26%, women’s 43.8% sales rise. And pay after such payment after seongumae through fashion goods purchases over the previous year seven times more than was raised Black Friday, Singles deyigwa of the shopping culture while spreading consumption promotes

Household goods and appliances, buying around online price comparison trend form

2017 years growth year-on-year by 10.9% and in online purchases household goods and electronics 4 dogs of 1 dog eBay, Kogan and such online marketplace through Sales

Large online from distributors Buying Power with household goods and home appliances line to extend the trend

Living in buying an average 95 Australian dollars to spend, and in particular 30-39 year old age group consumers are strong looks small appliances are male guayule two more women three times higher average 142 dollars Australian spending

Unlike small household appliances, household goods have the disadvantage of not being able to see and touch them directly, but recently retailers overcome them through Omni channel.

Omni-channel (Omni channel) is offline and online boundaries are meaningless concept store,desktops,tablets, e-mail, call center, smartphone app, Smart TV to any channel through to consumers an integrated shopping experience offered

Cosmetics with a huge increase in online sales

A line through beauty products and the cosmetics purchase 2016 and the year compared to when a whopping 29.4% have risen overall than the growth rate of 10% over the high levels recorded

Beauty products online three days season, three in February sales are the best high Christmas after three days of the period 1 January , Australia Mother’s Day (; Mother ‘ S Day) is located five in July as a gift cosmetics consumption growth

Beauty supplies case with fashion, like a young woman weeks of customers to an online beauty sales 10 cases of one thing is seongumae to pay after yirueojim

online, most beauty brands to buy can make as same products more affordable in price to buy can be in a place intelligently chosen, one in the year average of 80 Australian dollar cosmetics purchasing expenses


Australian consumers look for convenience and price, the option of online shopping to meet at the same time, a variety of channels through new experiences provided. Past the shopping market, both online and offline stores over simply selling yeotdamyeon structure is currently a computer , tablet , smart phone , in stores online that leads to the customer experience, expanded. Global e-commerce company Amazon and Alibaba has 2,017 a year to enter the online consumption is promoted and, advanced payments to the system locally, online platform and the retail market growth yikkeum.

Australia’s pigeon on eBay representing online shopping N’s right to power sellers Australia’s relatively robust economic situation , foreign brands to demand higher points , Asia with countries with intimacy due to the scale enemy giant ‘s market , but stable access can be that the opportunity should advise that.

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