3 ways to Help Your Kindergartner Become a Reader



Children normally start learning to read at age 6. However, this doesn’t mean you have to wait until they are 6 to get started! In fact, this early learning center will help you to teach your child to read.

Although it’s not essential, it is worth considering helping your child to read earlier than usual. Not only will reading encourage your child to read more, but it will also help them to build their vocabulary. In turn, this will help your child with reading an

d speaking as they move through the school years.

To help your kindergartner become a reader you should utilize the following 3 methods:

  1. Read To Them

Reading to your baby and young child will help them to start loving books and the art of reading. Of equal importance is the fact that this gives you the opportunity for some downtime with your toddler, helping to build a bond that should last you a lifetime.

Be sure to choose books that are relatively short and are very light-hearted. It’s okay to read just part of a story, as long as your child is enjoying it.

Appreciating the simple enjoyment of reading from a young age means your child is more likely to be good at reading when they’re older.

  1. Question Time

You may think that asking questions and talking while reading will detract from the process of reading. However, the truth is that this encourages interest in the story. It ensures your child is listening and curious about the story or subject. You can even get them to choose the book.

By getting your child to sound any difficult words you can improve their speech and ensure they understand what you’re reading to them.

Of course, when your child is very young you’ll need to guide the conversation to ensure that they can understand what the story is about. This will naturally get better over time and you’ll know that you’re helping to build their imagination and their appreciation of books.

You can even show them the cover of the book before you start reading and ask them to guess what the story is about.

  1. Reinforce It Naturally

The secret to reading is first understanding and identifying letters properly. This is something that you can start doing from the moment your child is born.

Simply spell their name out in large letters on the wall of their room, add letters to the refrigerator, and help them to identify letters when you’re out and about.

Once you start looking you’ll realize that you’re surrounded by letters all the time, any word is just a combination of letters. If you get your child to be interested in the shapes that are around them, you can help them to identify these as letters and start them on the path to reading properly.

The secret is to keep it natural, the more you encourage your child to be naturally curious about letters and words, the more they’ll develop a passion for reading. That passion will last for a lifetime.

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