How to keep your office in good, presentable order


As your business expands you will need more and more space to keep all your people in. You may find that you’ve reached a point where you now have an entire building or several buildings that all belong to your company and represent your brand and suddenly the small management required to keep your office in a good state is now becoming a fulltime job. Having a few things in order to keep your office presentable to the public is important to your image and must be given its rightful attention. You want both clients and staff to feel happy and comfortable in the working environment and coming to you should be a pleasurable experience, not a dread. Here are some tips on how to keep an office in good and presentable order.


Keep it clean

Use a commercial cleaning Caboolture based (or somewhere equally conveniently located) company to clean your offices. The prime time to do this in at night when your customers are at home and your staff is sleeping. Professional cleaning service can see to your carpet and other fabric needs, they can maintain the floors and polish them, clean windows and so forth.

Take care of your bathrooms

This might not feel like the main attraction, but everyone will need to use the loo at some stage and so there is a surprisingly large amount of your client and staff traffic coming through your bathrooms. For that reason, take a little extra time and effort to make it pleasant. Always Keep it clean, smelling good and add some nice finishes so that it is warm and welcoming and proudly reflects your company culture. Don’t put too many signs up instructing people what they must and mustn’t do while using the bathroom.

Be happily secure

Have a good security company seeing your security needs. They can install alarms systems for the internal office side, but then also when coming into parking areas and into the reception for signing in, these are all areas where your people will always be moving. Make sure the company you employ makes effort to upskill their employees in good customer service and take time to get to know the security staff. It will go a long way. If they feel valued and welcome, they will make others feel valued and welcome.

First greetings

Your receptionist and person making tea for those who are waiting and in meetings plays a big role. They are the ones who will see the efficiency of help offered to your visitors and to their comfort. They need to be able to maintain a constant feeling of welcome and respect for whoever walks through the doors.

What happens in the kitchen…?

Often the kitchen, if it is communal and available to your business staff, can quickly become a dumping ground for peoples’ breakfast and lunch cutlery and crockery and there might be people leaving food in the fridge to get old. Kitchens are a luxury that needs to be closely monitored to keep in good order. This is a place where rules can be communicated clearly to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen.

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