Human Evolution Explained: How Humans would look like in future or the coming years?


Human Evolution Explained: How Humans would look like in future or the coming years? Curious….

The technology now is advancing at such a fast rate that humans have evolved to a great extent over thousands of eras. Homo sapiens have changed the way they looked, what they ate and things you couldn’t have even imagined of. Nickolay Lamm of Pittsburgh, Pa, a visual artist has been fascinated by the way humans would evolve morphologically and functionally over the next hundred thousand years (100,000 years). The visual artist had no clue about evolution so consulted Dr. Alan Kwan who gave a scientific guess at what human might look in appearance after those many years in future. Dr. Kwann holds a PhD in computational genomics from Washington University, created a promising visualization of the future human. “It’s actually not science but a thought experiment” he says. They had assumed that scientist would be able to change or modify the appearance of human even before they would be born through zygotic genome engineering technology. Well there is still a lot of time for the technology to come into picture; it is assumed that it would be developed by 210th century.

The ideas were based on simple principles that have been accepted, stating that between 800,000 and 200,000 years ago, there were huge climate change causing great fluctuation in the appearance of humans, mainly increase in the size of skull and brain.

Scientists form England has confirmed the change in modern human features like higher and prominent foreheads as compared to medieval men. Many scientists have been opposing Dr. Kwan saying that the project is just a fantasy.

Future faces - now
Future faces – now
Future faces -after 20,000 Years
Future faces -after 20,000 Years

Present day human would evolve to have darker and pigmented skin, larger eyes and thick eyelids due to genetic engineering technology

Future faces - after 60,000 Years
Future faces – after 60,000 Years

While after 60,000 years or so humans would have spent quite some time travelling in space and they would have established the zygotic genome technology to make humans with larger eyes, thick eye lids and more pigmented skin. This would help the humans see well in dimmer envt. protect them from UV rays and help them overcome the effect of low gravity.

Future faces -after 100,000 Years
Future faces -after 100,000 Years

In the next 100,000 years humans would evolve to a much greater extent, having large eyes and a thick layer of tissue on the retina of the eyes to prevent it from being damaged by Cosmic Rays. The tissue tapetum lucidum would also make humans eye shine.

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