Health Drink: Strawberry Watermelon Mint Infused Water

Strawberry watermelon health drink

Strawberry watermelon health drink

This is one of the best idea for a rejuvenating swill on a warm sunny day. Filled with many incredible nutrients, one could conclude this as a glass full of energy.  What best is that it tastes good and at the same time it is easy to prepare.


All you’ll be requiring for the health drink: strawberry infused watermelon punch is:

Few large strawberries (around 10)

Half a cup of sliced watermelon

6 cups of water

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Half a cup of mint leaves


Fill the pitcher bottom with ice cubes and put strawberries, watermelons and mint leaves on top of it. Put filtered water in the rest of pitcher and allow it to cool. You now can enjoy over this amazing health drink.

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