Loud snores and sleeping near a snorer can be annoying. It can irritate you and your partner both and also disturb their sleep. Snoring happens because of blocked airflow or when muscles are in the airway during sleep. It collapses and narrows the passageway, which causes the snoring. Usually, it happens when people sleep on their backs. Snoring can also be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, which can cause breathing issues and can start snores. Here are some things that you can do to minimise snoring:


Lose weight if you are overweight:

minimise snoring

It is essential to losing weight if you are overweight and want to sleep better. The high body mass can cause disturbance in sleep because it can cause snoring. Obstructive sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that can cause snoring while a person is sleeping, or it can cause shallow breathing throughout the night. It can also cause choking while a person is sleeping, and all this can happen because of being overweight. Weight loss can help in various health benefits, and it also reduces the chances of a lot of diseases which is why it is important to get rid of the extra fat that is there.

Sleep on your side to minimise snoring:

Are you used to sleeping on your back? Then try to sleep on your side because sleeping on the back can cause snoring and also irritate your throat. Sleeping on the side can help a person snore less. If you decrease the vibrations in your throat, sleep on the side because it will create a relaxed sound and won’t cause snoring.

Use snoring devices like nasal strips:

Minimise snoring

People who are not dealing with this condition can feel uncomfortable while sleeping or disturb other people’s sleep. Several things can help a person to stop snoring, and one of the most effective devices is the chin strap. A chinstrap is a device that has two straps that fit over a person’s head and make them sleep better. The straps are made of breathable fabric, which helps a person in cooling their skin while they are sleeping. It also helps them in keeping their mouth closed so that they can breathe comfortably through their nose.

Treat chronic allergies to minimise snoring:

If you want to minimise snoring, you need to treat your chronic allergies because they can worsen. One of the primary causes of snoring can be stuffy or runny noses. Make sure to treat yourself with allergy medications that will help you in breathing properly at night and will also reduce the snoring for you to sleep better. You can also quit smoking as it will help you in breathing properly. Make sure to use nasal saline sprays or other moisturisers, which will help you sleep better. Try to understand the cause of your runny nose and treat it so that you do not snore.

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