How to Deal with Panic Attacks

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A panic attack can be sudden and often get overpowering, and it has an adverse effect on overall health. It is hard to predict when you will get a panic attack, but if you take adequate measures, you will be able to overcome or control yourself in such a serious situation. 

Although a panic attack can terribly affect your overall health, it will not kill you. You might feel like you’re dying, but you will not die. You might experience overwhelming anxiety, chest pain, and other symptoms during a panic attack. 

If you want to know about the symptoms of a panic attack, then read this article. In this article, you will learn about the symptoms and also how to deal with panic attacks. But before that, you need to understand this psychological issue, and for your better understanding, this article has broadly described the definition of a panic attack. 


What is a panic attack?

A panic attack is an overwhelming feeling of acute anxiety; it is a sudden episode of intense fear based on an impending danger. During a panic attack, the intense fear that you feel can also trigger some severe physical reactions. The feeling of a panic attack can be similar to the feeling of a heart attack. Thus, you might feel like you will die, but you must know that you will not die from a panic attack.  

The main reason behind panic attacks is stress and anxiety. If you have an anxiety disorder or PTSD, you might often get panic attacks. 

How to Deal with Panic Attacks

Symptoms of a panic attack

If you find these symptoms similar to your present state, then you have a panic attack.

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Trembling
  • A feeling of extreme fear or anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Feeling faint
  • Losing control
  • Sweating 

Effective ways to deal with panic attacks

If you have a panic attack, then the first thing that you should do is calm down. Remember this will pass; thus, try to relax and breathe; there are some of the most effective ways that can help you to deal with panic attacks, such as-

1. Practice deep breathing

If you want to know how to deal with panic attacks, then the first thing that you should do is practice deep breathing. According to our research, deep breathing is proven to be one of the most effective methods to deal with panic attacks, and it also helps reduce the symptoms of panic or stress. 

2. Focus on any object

Are you wondering how to deal with a panic attack? Then you must know that focusing on any object can help you deal with panic attacks. Focusing on any particular object can help you reduce the other simulation in your body that creates panic attacks. 

If you have panic attacks quite often, then you should keep any smooth stones or seashells or any such objects handy. These objects will help you to divert your mind and build focus, and you will be able to calm yourself.

3. Keep lavender or the smell of lavender close to you.

Do you know a soothing scent can help to relieve your anxiety? After consulting with various mental health experts, we have found that lavender has a calming effect. Therefore, you can use products that have diluted lavender oils. Lavender oils can be helpful to reduce your panic attacks. Moreover, you can use lavender scent as well. 

Lavender is considered one of the traditional remedies that people use to reduce their stress. Thus, if you want to know how to deal with panic attacks, keep lavender handy; it will help reduce your stress and keep you relaxed.

4. Consult a mental health expert

Want to know how to deal with panic attacks? You must first understand that panic attack is a psychological disorder; hence, it is important to consult a mental health expert to overcome this mental disorder. Do you know there are various programs for panic disorder? Yes, it is true. Programs like CBT can be helpful for you to overcome your panic disorder.

The bottom line

Various reasons or situations can trigger your brain, and you can have panic attacks. Thus, it is important for you to know some effective measures so that you can keep yourself calm in such a crisis. Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions regarding how to deal with panic attacks.

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